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Magaluf Bar Blitz Interview, Magaluf Events

Chris Hyde Bar Blitz Head Rep

Name: Chris Hyde

Age: 24

Role: Bar Blitz Head Rep

Bar Blitz head rep interview about Magaluf nightlife.

How long have you done the Magaluf Bar Blitz for?

I've been a rep on the Bar Blitz for three years now- this will be my 4th season, we've all seen in the travel news back home that Magaluf 2017 is going to be Magalufs biggest summer so I'm excited to see what this season has got in offer!

Almost all of the events websites seem to recommend it's one of the first events you should do on arrival, why?

Simple, you get taken to the biggest and the best bars in the Magaluf strip on your first night, it always amazes me when I speak to tourists about where they have been on their holiday and they name two rubbish bars- I'm always like 'what the fuck' they've missed out on so much... or they say 'yeah but they really looked after us in this or that bar, we got a free shot etc' every bar will do that... there is some hidden gems in this Island and the Bar Blitz helps you to find them on your first night here

What do you love about the bar blitz?

I know this will sound cheesy but I love meeting new people- it's the same for people who do the Bar Blitz, there are sometimes 300 people on the Magaluf Bar Blitz and after a few drinks everyone is chatting away and meeting new people- that's what holidays are all about when you're young and single isn't it? Some people come to maga in their little groups and that's it, they stay in their bubble and don't meet anybody- To them I say get on the bar blitz, meet some other lads, meet some other girls, get drunk, chat someone up, take them down the beach for some skinny dipping hahahaha

Is it as wild as we read in the papers back in the U.K?

Listen, the Bar Blitzes can be as wild or as laid back as the crowed wants it to be. We can always gauge what the crowed are up for and can make the night exactly how they want it. It's important for people to know that they are not going to get forced into playing silly sex games or made to strip naked- Magaluf isn't like that so much anymore and the Bar Blitz certainly isn't. When people get naked on the bar crawl it's because they want to and they are a little bit crazy!

Do people strip off? Do lads get with girls? Does it all get a little bit mad in places?

Yes. Absolutely! But this is magaluf not Butlins. We just have to make sure they are having a really good time without anyone getting arrested!! Hahaha

What drinking games have been played previously on the bar blitz...

Wow, we have seen girls having to kiss as many lads as possible, lads get as many autographs on a certain part of his body! ;-) a lad and a girl go under a massive sheet and swap every piece of clothing in under a minute, boys made to perform a sexy lap Dance for their mates, how many sexual positions can you act out in 30 seconds... I could name hundreds. It's all just banter, people love the games... there is a lot more drinking games now, boys vs girls- the girls always win this somehow! Because it doesn't matter if people are to shy to pay a risky game, but they will always want to get absolutely mortal!

What should we bring with us to the event? What are the essentials?

The same as you should for every night- money, phone for photos, clothes, that you look hot in and condoms!

Finally? Any last bits of advice....

Watch the shots! The bar crawl can go on for 7 hours so I'd say guzzle down the free shots but pace yourself. We see people hammer down 10 shots at a time and are then having to be taken home half an hour later by their pissed off mates....

That's my main bit of advice- there isnt much because the Bar Blitz is really about letting your hair down and doing whatever you like. But when there is a four hour free bar at the end waiting for you it makes sense to steady yourself.

Any last words for anyone thinking about doing the bar blitz....

Yes make sure you get on it, do as many events as you can whilst you're here in Maga and you'll end up having an amazing holiday.. I guarantee you that you'll love the Bar Blitz... meet loads of cool people and see the best bars in magaluf... it's only £20 and for that you get a four hour unlimited free bar included. Happy days hahahaha

Sounds good to us! Have a good summer Chris!

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