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Magaluf Sunset Booze Cruise Interview

David Thompson Sunset Booze Cruise Manager

Name: David 'Spooner' Thompson

Age: 31

Role: Sunset Booze Cruise Manager 2019

Hi David.

Thanks for sparing some time to tell us more about Sunset Booze Cruise 2019

When was Sunset Booze Cruise set up and why?

Sunset Booze Cruise was set up 8 years ago, its by far the longest running and biggest magaluf boat party and booze cruise in Magaluf. It was set up becauae apart from the crappy timid ones which all the tour operators run, like Thomson, Thomas cook and even club 18-30 there was nothing that was geared up towards the clientele of Magaluf. It was desperately calling out for a new Magaluf booze cruise, one that delivered top class DJ's, risky drinking games, swim stops, and a good balance of lads and girls onboard the 300 capacity Brittania Jet boat.

Why is Sunset Booze Cruise so popular?

From year one it just absolutely blew Magaluf apart, nothing on the island could compete with it event wise. We were lucky that we nailed the concept of the event straight away- we knew what we wanted and what the people of magaluf wanted- when they were buying tickets for a Magaluf booze cruise or Magaluf boat party- an UNLIMITED FREE bar, cool DJ's, a swim stop, UNLIMITED shots, and a good mix of lads and girls, we were taking 300 people per boat and fortunately word spread quickly about how good the event was. I believed it then and I believe it now- everyone who comes to magaluf wants to do a magaluf boat party 2019 or magaluf booze cruise 2019 so as long the demand was always there we just make sure we throw one hell of a party!!

What makes Sunset Booze Cruise different from other boat parties?

Sunset is completely Head and shoulders above anything, you can ask anyone who works here in magaluf- it always has been-Every year these little magaluf boat parties try and start up with a website but they end up throwing the towel in after a few weeks. We've seen in the port boat parties with 40 lads and 3 girls on before, charging 8 euros for a drink onboard. Not even a bloody DJ! Now that's not fair, you are just conning people who are here to have a good time! Sunset has always been and still is the only boat party to have a license to serve an unlimited free bar as soon as you step on to the moment you crawl off! Also it's the only magaluf boat party to have 2 DJ's, we carry twice as many people per boat and the party is an hour longer than any other magaluf booze cruise- there you go there is four reasons why Sunset is the biggest magaluf boat party in magaluf! Lol

What's your Favourite moment/ memory on sunset booze cruise?

Wow- there has been so many, I love how everyone comes on the boat a little bit sober and after two hours everybody is steaming jumping in the sea and has pulled! Everyone pulls on the boat! Sunset booze cruise has been the catalyst for many one night stands in magaluf I can tell you that...

Oh and my other favourite part of Sunset Booze Cruise has to be the Swim stop. This was the actual boat that featured in the first inbetweeners movie... so we have everyone jumping off the roof like Simon. The swim stop was great. After it everyone is drunk, the sun is setting and the whole boat party starts getting a bit naughty.... our slogan is 'one the sun goes down the sound goes up' and it's true... once everyone has jumped into the sea and got wet, they change into these wild party animals- it's brilliant lol.

Favourite moment- ahhhh ok has to be the time we sailed to the next island along which is ibiza.... it was the end of the season and the whole crowed were going wild for the idea of sailing to the beach party on ibiza Bora Bora beach... everyone was absolutely hammered by the time the beach party ended, took us forever to get all the lads and girls off the beach and back on to the boat. We had 35 extra people though on the boat- people who wanted to come from ibiza and party back with us to magaluf! The journey back was wild! I remember the sun was setting, the times were blasting out and thinking to myself it doesn't get any better than this!

How has Sunset Booze Cruise moved with the times?

Oh there has definitely been dramatic changes to this magaluf booze cruise over the eight years. The sex games and the big drinking games are almost non existent now- that's the way it is, it's the same over Magaluf, not just on boat parties or booze cruises. We still play drinking games onboard but these are for those who want to play... magaluf has gotten so crazy over the years people no longer a drinking game to pull, they can do it on their own- the music has obviously changed as well. There is also a big emphasis now on the ShipWrecked after party- people want to meet up with everyone that night who they first met on the boat earlier that day.

What about for those who get sea sick?

This is why we always slate the little crappy booze cruises in magaluf.. I mean you will see a magaluf boat party with 45 people on, riding this tiny little boat, swaying all over the place, people throwing up everywhere..

on sunset booze cruise we take over the Mediterranean with a ship! I mean it can hold 400 people, it's absolutely huge- a tsunami couldn't rock this boat! So there is none on this swaying nonsense making people sick...

You recently added a VIP option on the boat how does that work....

People go mad for the VIP option on the boat, people still want crazy but they want it whilst clutching a bottle of champagne in their hand...for an extra £9 they get a bottle of chilled champagne, queue jump and another hours worth of free bar at Linekers bar- which is our meeting point for the pre-party, so most people are pretty drunk by the time the boat sets sail.... which is great as it gets the party onboard started quicker!

You recently won the Balearic tourism award for continued excellence... tell us more

All of our guys had to give us an honest rating of the trip as soon as they got off the boat on our questionnaire over the 18,000 people who went on we accumulated a 9.7/ 10.

The second highest awarding event was BCM with a 8.2, so we are all very proud that we are miles aged with being the best magaluf booze cruise on the Island

Thanks for your time David- any chance of a couple of free tickets for us this summer!

Hahaha absolutely, message us when you arrive!

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