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Magaluf Sunset Booze Cruise Interview with Rep

Ellie Cooper Worker For Magaluf Events

Name: Ellie 'Coops' Cooper

Age: 22

Role: Sunset Booze Cruise Rep

Nice to meet you coops!

So it will be a lot of people's first Magaluf boat party this summer- should they be nervous!?

Hahahaha yes! No no no, only kidding! Booze cruises in Magaluf have now got this unearned reputation of being an out of control shag fest! Hahah if you're here to have a laugh, check out the boys/ girls get drunk and just have an awesome time then both Magaluf and Sunset Booze Cruise are for you!! No need to be nervous at all- plus I'm here to look after the boys- and you've got my good looking right hand man here josh who promises to look after all the girls! You're in good hands! Lol

What's the girl to boy ratio like- should we expect a cock fest on board!?

Hahaha is it fuck! If anything we have more girls on than lads...which is annoying for me lol! The online sales are always 50/50 between lads and girls and the ticket team we have in resort consists of ten lads and ten girls- the lads always sell to the girls and the girls just sell to the lads. It helps create a good balance on the boat!

What's your favourite part of the Magaluf boat party?

I know Josh will say the swim stop but for me it's the giant champagne spray we have just before the swim stop! It's when everybody has had five or six drinks from the free bar and a shit load of sambuca and are basically just loving life!! When the champagne spray goes off for me its the moment when people just think 'fuck it' and go wild! You then have the swim stop straight after- but yeah, the champagne spray for me 100% you just know the party is about to go up about ten levels!

A lot of people are coming on board with boyfriends and girlfriends- should their partners back home be worried? Absolutely! Lol

Absolutely! Lol When the cats away the mice will play! Some people come on here and are good boys and girls- others are here to have fun! You can do what you want on Sunset Booze Cruise- there is loads and loads of hot single lads and girls onboard so yeah, a lot of pulling will be done this summer!

We have seen pictures of you with the drinking funnel- what does that do?

Oh the beer Bong? Hahah I don't know why we call it that! no beer ever goes down it- just sambuca, champagne and sex on the beach cocktail! I love the bong! It gets people who are completely sober to absolutely wrecked in about 15 seconds! Me and josh walk round with it, if anyone wants to get as mortal as we do every boat party then they just come forward- it's legendary! I'm gonna get you guys on it later!

What part of the boat party do you most look forward to...

I start to get excited when everyone turns up for the Pre Party at Linkers bar, this is when I can start speaking to people and finding out where they are from. But my favourite bit of the boat is when the DJ introducing the no drinking in your right hand rule. This is when everybody starts getting each other smashed as people who forget the rule need to finish their drinks each time.

Why would you say Sunset Booze Cruise is the no.1 event in Magaluf....

No other event compares to it, when you go to France you see the Eiffel Tower, when you go to Sydney you go to see the Opera House and when you are in Magaluf you go on Sunset Booze Cruise. There is a reason why its been voted the bets boat party in Europe.

Hahahah ok! We'll look forward to that!

We've heard it can get a little steamy between those onboard at the swim stop?

Haha yeah it does, but it's only because of my epic champagne spray before hand! People want to cool off in the med- there are loads of secluded spots down dolphin bay where we stop for the swim stop so yeah, you see loads of lads and girl swim off for a bit of nookie! No boy has offered to take me down there yet. It's only because they know I'd destroy them hahahaha

What about for those who can't swim?

Don't jump in. Simple as that! I've only been in the sea once in two years... I'd rather get hammered at the free bar, listening to the tunes than jump in- I'd say about half the people stay on the boat and half the people go for a dip- it's completely up to you!

What do you love most about the Magaluf boat party... I love how people come up to me and the other reps at the end of the boat party and tell us it's been the best day they've ever had! Still makes my day!

In under ten words why should anyone coming to Magaluf this summer make sure the jump on this Magaluf boat party?

Because it's full of sexy people who are here to party! Is that ten words?

It's eleven but we will let you off! Thanks Coops- can't wait to get onboard with you this summer even though we all think you're crazy!

I am but that's why I work on the boat party! Hahaha
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