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Magaluf White party interview

Taran Lewis, Full Moon Manager

Name: Gabby Ksher

Age: 23

Role: Event Manager

Gabby Ksher - White Party manager

Where did the idea come from for the Magaluf White Party 2019?

Before coming to work in Magaluf I spent three amazing seasons working in Ibiza. Regardless of all the amazing world class DJ's that play every night everyone always really looked out for when there was going to be a White Party.

What is going to be special about a White Party in Magaluf?

It's something completely different to everything else that is happening in Magaluf- it's cool, it's sexy, it's exactly what Magaluf needs.

Silly question here- but do we have to wear white!

lol, yes you do! We live it when everyone comes in head to toe dressed in white- it looks incredible, especially as everyone is nice as tanned! As long as you're dressed in predominantly white you're cool! Girls make sure you bring your sexiest white outfits for the Magaluf White Party! It's the one night you can go full out glam!!!!

Which Magaluf Nightclub are you using this summer to hold the White Party in Magaluf?

The Final venue for the Magaluf White Party is going to switch up every week, so many great places want to host this amazing event- very similar to how it's done in Ibiza! it will help keep the event fresh...

Tell us more about the free bar that is included for this years White Party in Magaluf...

The free bar is crazy- this is one thing that Even the famous White Parties in Ibiza, Marbella and Dubai can't even do! This is why we know these white parties in Magaluf this summer are gonna absolutely blow up!

What DJ's have you got lined up for this summer?

Just watch this space! We are going to be bringing over some huge acts this summer from Ibiza, Miami and the U.K.

Can you tell us anymore about the pre party before the Magaluf White Party?

Its Magaluf, we get the party started early and we finish the party late! That's what Maga is all about- we always hit a few bars first for some pre-drinks, free shots, free champagne- basically we get smashed! It's great getting everyone in the mood nice and early for the Magaluf white party!

Sounds great, can't wait to get down there this summer...

Cheers guys.

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