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Magaluf Sunset Booze Cruise Interview 2019

josh stead Worker For Magaluf Events

Name: Josh 'Womaniser' Stead

Age: 24

Role: Sunset Booze Cruise Rep

Why do you love being a Rep on Sunset Booze Cruise 2019

For me there is no better feeling than getting people drunk in the sunshine and helping everyone have a good holiday. Plus when your on a Magaluf booze Cruise 2019. No two magaluf boat party are ever the same. Literally you have no idea what's going to happen...

What is your favourite Magaluf boat party 2019 anthem?

My favourite song on the boat is Oasis wonder wall which gets played on the way back into Magaluf beach, everyone is singing and the atmosphere is amazing. Stu the DJ is incredible though, him and Ryan Miles the resident from BCM play the coolest sets every week, another reason I love being on the magaluf boat party.

Should we expect more boys or girls on the boat....

To be honest, I only ever notice the girls on the boat! Lol. A lot of the sales teams are guys so they love chatting to the girls and selling to them, cause is say we have more girls onboard our magaluf booze cruise than we do lads but only slightly.

How has the boat party changed over the last few years...

When we first started we was on a smaller catemaran boat and the DJ was quite cheesy, however now we are on a 240 capacity boat making us the biggest boat party in Magaluf. Everybody has heard of Sunset Booze Cruise now so the smaller little magaluf booze cruises have pretty much vanished- you rarely see them, if you do they may have 30 or 40 people on.

To any groups of single lads or single girls out there- is it easy to pull on the boat?

The Best- No other place like it in the world! On the magaluf boat party everybody is there to just get drunk, pull and have a good time! As we always say what you can't do on land you can do whatever the fuck you want out as sea! And we do! Hahaha

What part of the boat party do you most look forward to...

I start to get excited when everyone turns up for the Pre Party at Linkers bar, this is when I can start speaking to people and finding out where they are from. But my favourite bit of the boat is when the DJ introducing the no drinking in your right hand rule. This is when everybody starts getting each other smashed as people who forget the rule need to finish their drinks each time.

Why would you say Sunset Booze Cruise is the no.1 event in Magaluf....

No other event compares to it, when you go to France you see the Eiffel Tower, when you go to Sydney you go to see the Opera House and when you are in Magaluf you go on Sunset Booze Cruise. There is a reason why its been voted the best boat party in magaluf year after year.

Describe the atmosphere onboard the Magaluf boat party...

There is a buzzing atmosphere before the boat even sails, I can only compare it to a football match, everyone is in a great mood and just excited from the off, the sun is always blazing down which makes everyone a lot happier.

Thanks for your time Josh! We here you are quite the womaniser on board!?

With a body like mine it's hard not to be! Only joking!

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