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Magaluf Sunset Booze Cruise Review by Holiday Maker

Kate, Magaluf Events Customer

Name: Kate

Age: 19

Hometown: Brentwood, Essex

Hi my name is Kate, I'm 19 and I'm from Brentwood in Essex

This is my review of Sunset Booze Cruise 2017 which me and my friends all partied in this summer!

We had all heard about Sunset Booze Cruise long before we even booked our holiday to Magaluf, we had seen it on episodes of MTV castaway and on Geordie shore, a lot of the celebrities I follow on Twitter were always tweeting about it saying it was a 'must-do' if you were coming to Magaluf. All three of us were so excited about going on it, it was unbelievable.

Everyone was saying if you planned to do a Magaluf Boat party or a Magaluf booze cruise then Sunset was the best by a mile with it being twice the size of any of the others and it was the only one with an UNLIMITED FREE BAR! Well that was us girls sold! Lol!

On the day of the boat party we were all hangover free and ready to go! It was absolutely boiling hot, we were told we'd need to bring was sunglasses, it felt weird taking no money out, we just hoped the FREE bar would not run out of Booze! (And trust me they didn't, with the Magaluf Boat Party Reps screaming that the boat doesn't get back into the pier until every last drop of alcohol has gone! But more of that later!)

We all turned up to the meeting point on time which was a giant Sports bar called Linekers, we handed in our tickets and were given an all inclusive wristband which gave us access to board the boat and an unlimited free bar. It took about 45 minutes to wait for everyone to turn up, we were told the boat was a sell out and 250 lads and girls were on the boat today, we were told to grab some free shots to get us in the mood whilst we waited. We don't need telling twice! Lol. Only thing was Abbie had so many skittle bombs from the rep she still doesn't even remember being on the magaluf boat party hahaha. So word of warning, if you're going on this magaluf boat party don't over do the free shots because you won't remember the next 3 hours- which are absolutely awesome!!!

The boat was the one that was used in the inbetweeners film, we all headed straight upstairs, the DJ ran us through hilarious the do's and dont's (like chucking each other over board/ the toilets are not for shitting they are for shagging!) and we were soon heading out in the Mediterranean with the sun shining and tunes of the summer blasting out! The free bar was crazy, the Reps Dan, Bobby and Coops were going round with all these different shots, for those that wanted them... I think all 280 odd people onboard were steaming after 30 minutes, and we still had 2 hours left on the boat, ha!

We'd heard all about the outrageous drinking games that supposedly happen on magaluf boat party & Magaluf booze Cruises. We were not keen to be forced to get naked or do anything in public with boys. When we were sold the ticket our Rep from the Magaluf Box office assured us that this stuff doesn't happen on Sunset Booze Cruise and he was true to his word. Yes there were funny drinking races but these were for those who volunteered. Ellie being Ellie volunteered of course, (how she was still standing after those and as her reward for winning the drinking race was getting a 'sexy' lap dance off one of the lads who lost the drinking game- which was absolutely hillarious (oh and very un-sexy lol)

About one hour into the magaluf Booze Cruise the boat drops anchor into a secluded bay call 'Dolphin Paradise' we were desperate to jump in the water and cool down! Lots of people stayed on the boat and carried on partying instead of jumping in.

There were two ways to get into the water- one was off the crazy slides on the back of the boat that flung you into the ocean, the other was to do exactly what Simon did in inbetweeners movie!

Swimming in the Mediterranean was incredible, the dolphins were pretty far away, and the booze was definitely kicking in as all I thought they were seals! Hahaha

The temperature definitely went up a gear as soon as we got in the water, there was lots of flirting going on in the boat, not from me cause I'm a good girl! But there was some definitly things going on in the water that people wouldn't want their mother to see!! Lol oh well I guess that's what a magaluf booze cruise is all about.

After we all got back on the magaluf boat party the alcohol seemed to flow faster and the music got louder! The DJ then starts introducing some more drinking rules such as anyone now caught drinking with their right hand will be made to down it! If there is one way to get people absolutely steaming on a magaluf booze cruise then this is the way! Lol.

As we came into the pier me and the rest of the others didn't want the boat party to stop! It was by far the best day of our entire holiday. I would recommend Sunset Booze Cruise to anyone who is coming to magaluf! It's absolutely crazy, we have never had so much fun in all our lives-! trust me you will never forget your day on this Magaluf boat party!!

The 'ShipWrecked' after party was at a big outdoor club on the beach called Mambos. I'll be honest is all a bit of a blur! We had three hours after the boat to go home, have a shower, put our besties on, (gargle some mouth wash *cough *cough Ellie after all the lads she decided to randomly snog on the Maga boat party) and get ready for the ShipWrecked after party! Photos of the day of us completely wrecked were all up on the big screen and were a great reminder of the day! This is where you also picked up your free Sunset Booze Cruise t-shirt after you bought a drink... all in all an amazing day, 10/10. If you're coming to Magaluf this summer and are going to do a Magaluf Boat Party or a Magaluf booze cruise then make sure you do Sunset Booze Cruise! But word of warning, the Sangria on board may taste like vimto, but it is absolutely lethal!! Lol.

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