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Magaluf Bar Blitz review by holidaymaker.

Kelly Magaluf Events customer

Name: Kelly

Age: 21

Hometown: Newcastle

Hi I'm Kelly! This is my interview about the Famous Magaluf Bar Blitz!

Hi I'm Kelly! This is my interview about the Famous Magaluf Bar Blitz!

Hi Kelly, so Is this your first girls holiday?

Second, we all went to Zante last year, but to be honest we have all agreed that Magaluf is just different level! I'd happily come here again next year.

When did you buy your tickets?

We bought the £99 Ultimate package online a few months before we come out. We knew it would help stretch out money and we knew we were not going to be disappointed by not being able to get tickets for certain events.

What made you want to do the bar blitz?

My sister had been here the year before and she had done a couple of the Bar Blitz events as well as Sunset Booze Cruise and said they were incredible... my sister talks a lot of crap usually but fair play she definitely was right about these events- they were class. All of the events in the Ultimate package were really good actually.

What were your favourite bars you went into?

This was the first night that we went into the Alex's bars... they were our favourite for the holiday. They are not exactly hidden away but they are just off a little side street off the strip. We loved them, great bars and I think this was about the second or third bar we went to on the bar blitz so we were pretty drunk alreadylightweights I know, as you can imagine we are cheap dates if anyone is interested!! LMAO.

What did you like most about this event?

Personally I loved how everyone from the hotel was going on it and how when the Reps came round to give us all our drinks wristbands he encouraged us all to meet up in reception and come down together to the meeting point... we all really opened up and spent the rest of the holiday as one big group. The reps are amazing. Kate was a bit worried she was going to be made to do some outrageous drinking game and get her kit off but it was not like that at all- i think the fact that we all pulled as well made it probably our favourite night- well we are all single after all!! Hahahaha what happens in Maga stays in Maga...

Anything you didn't like about the event?

Erm... it would of perhaps been a bit better of the free bar was after the third bar instead of the fourth just so we could of just got drunk a bit quicker, but then the 4th bar, was our favourite, so no not really hahaha

Did you rate it as value for money?

Oh my god definitely... 20 euros with unlimited shots, Shisha, zoo project face paint and a four of five hour free bar as well- it was incredible. Probably the best value of all the events even though Sunset Booze Cruise has to be our favourite of the whole lot.
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