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Magaluf Pirates Interview with Tourist

Steve Meeson Pirates Superfan

Name: Steve Meeson

Age: 26

Hometown: Hull

Interview with Steve Meeson on Magaluf pirates show

So we hear you are quite the Superfan!?

I have to be there number one fan... I know people come year after year but I've managed to see the Pirates Magaluf show all over the world- Miami and Paris to name a couple. If they give someone else an award for being a bigger fan I won't be happy like! To be fair they know how much me and my family adore the show and they always make a massive fuss of us every year, free tickets, VIP upgrades. They are really good to us, they've had us up on stage a couple of times to...

And there was us coming to watch the show twice in three days thinking we were super fans!

hahaha that's amateur! I can guarantee you there are lots of people in the audience today who have seen the show at least 20 times- they will come to Mallorca just to watch Pirates Magaluf....

Who do you normally watch the show with?

Erm over the years I think I've brought everyone I know... my mates on lads holidays, girlfriend... and my family who are all here today. Me mum and dad love getting amongst it with the 20 year olds- they can drink them all under the table.

What do you love about the show?

Everything! Seriously everything.... even the build up towards the show starting. The excitement is unreal... what's great about it is there is 3 hours of show and you never know what is going to happen next- because the audience have such a major role in the story- it's completely spontaneous. It's true when they say no two shows are ever the same!

What's your favourite part of the show?

The music, the dancing, the acrobatics, there isn't a favourite part.... it's all amazing.

Has the show changed over the years

Yes and no. The show is great because it's always changing. That's why people keep coming back and back. If the show stayed the same it would just go stale wouldn't it? Every year is a whole new experience...

But in other ways no. The audience, the atmosphere, the camaraderie hasn't changed a bit. It's still as incredible and breath taking as it was when I first saw the show thirteen years ago.

Ambitions to be a Magaluf pirate?

Hahaha I wish... I'm a bit old now and overweight to start wearing an eyepatch and doing back flips... they have a saying here... 'always be yourself, no matter what. Unless you can be a pirate. In that case, always be a pirate'

There is also the family Pirates show- you've seen this as well...

Yeah lots of times. I've brought my nephew here several times... he's as mad as me about the production and he is only four years old! The thread of the show is the same, minus all the naughty bits and fighting... it's great family fun, the kids love it and the cast do such a good job at getting them involved. But do Magaluf Pirates Reloaded! The adult version definitely if you can...

And your favourite Pirate?

Has to be Barborosa.... he has the most flair, he's the most fearless- I love the way he gets the crowd involved.

But then, of course how can you not have a soft spot for Captain Scarlett!? Hahha don't tell the Mrs I said that though..

Any advice?

Bring some money for the after party- also if beer, wine and pirates punch aren't your tipple then you can can buy bottles of vodka and cocktails from the bar...

They won't tell us what happens at the aftershow and it looks like we will miss it again as we have to fly back to England after tonight's performance.... can you tell us what goes down?

Hahaha they've told me not to tell you! Cancel your flight, it's worth it!

Our boss will kill us! Hahah really appreciate your time today. Enjoy the show.

I will, I always do!
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