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Magaluf Sunset Booze Cruise Review with DJ

DJ Stu Sunset Booze Cruise DJ

Name: Stu

Age: 39

Role: Sunset Booze Cruise DJ

What's the difference between DJ'n in the bars and clubs compared to the boat party

I DJ at stereo bar, which has everyone knows is probably Magalufs busiest bar, I also do the champagne pool parties which are pretty cool, but let's be honest, nothing and I mean nothing compares to DJ'n on a Magaluf boat party. you're in the middle of the ocean in the middle of the day, on board was it practically a floating nightclub! Everyone is in their bikinis and shorts, it's amazing. Unbeatable. Everyone having the absolute time of their life

How drunk can we expect to be if we were to come on board?

Christ! Very very drunk! The thing is Sunset Booze Cruise is so wild that having just a boat party is not enough for these guys, oh no they go and have a massive Pre-Party at Linekers bar an hour before the boat goes. I think for something silly like five euros you get an hours free bar of vodka, lager, bottles, shots, cocktails- they have the music blaring out- it goes off! so when they arrive at the magaluf boat party everyone is already pretty pissed! And then it's down to me and the reps (who are as pissed as the guests) to try and make sure they don't go to crazy- well at least in the first 45 minutes anyway....

What's your favourite part of it...

I love the magaluf booze cruise drinking games! This particular Magaluf booze cruise is lucky because everyone is so up for it, it's not hard to get the crowed going... but sometimes we chuck in a drinking game- say boys vs girls just to crank up the atmosphere even more... everyone loves a good drinking game don't they!

But even if you take out the drinking games you still have this incredible concept... where else can you go drinking in the sun- in the middle of the sea, the sea has no rules! There is just something unique about partying at sea....

Worst part of it...

Well I'll be honest when the lads and girls run up to me and chuck their arms around me and tell me how much they love me with 3 drinks in their hands, spilling them all over my decks- that I don't love!

Any things we should watch out for?

Oh yes there is! Half way through the boat we decide to Go 'Facebook live' we want everyone back in rainy England to see how how good our day is on the Magaluf boat party and how shit theirs is lol. But let's be honest, a lot of people decide to snog a lot of random people on the boat, people who have boyfriends and girlfriends back home. So before the boyfriends and girlfriends back in the UK spot Bae necking on with some random we do give everyone a warning the whole world is watching! They still don't listen though! Hahahha

What's your Favourite Magaluf boat party song...

Wow, there is so many... we are not the kind of boat party that plays the same songs week in week out. The wolf of Wall Street anthem where everyone beats their chests and Hums goes down very well and oasis Wonderwall just as the boat comes in with everybody singing a long can be a bit special. Other than that we just try and get a great balance between chart, R&B, techno and house... with some absolute classics thrown is as well.

Any memorable guests?

You meet some characters... we always have an ongoing joke when people ask where do we actually sail to and we always tell them Ibiza! Well this guy must of been the only guy who actually believed that's where we went.. after the swim stop he just kept swimming... 300 odd people cheering for him to get back in the boat so the party could start again but the daft fucker just swam off into the sunset... we got him back on in the end and he genuinely thought if he'd of swam for another five minutes he would of been in ibiza.. You meet a lot of crazy people on the boat, and we love every single one of them. This is a booze cruise not a snooze cruise- we want people to be completely wild and off their heads! Especially the girls, they just completely lose their inhibitions on the boat- then you see them at the Shipwrecked after party- Sobered up a bit and they say, sorry, I don't normally behave like that!!! Hahaha

Sum up the atmosphere if you can Stu?

I can't put it into words. Look if you've never done a magaluf boat party before you are gonna absolutely love it! Sun, sea, sex on the beach... in terms of the cocktail and what a lot of you will be doing as soon as you arrive back on land! Hahaha

Is it a special feeling being a dj on the boat?

Oh absolutely. I Worked the other little magaluf boat party that is here in Magaluf... but this one is different gravy. Everyone has heard of Sunset Booze Cruise and it was great to land the residency spot. On the other small magaluf booze cruise everyone was sober as there was not a free bar- plus they could only fit about 100 people on there. So it was always a risk that sometimes the crowed wasnt right. Sunset you seem to have nearly 300 party people on board... if you're not up for the party then you can sunbathe at the back or just chill downstairs.... but if you're here to go absolutely mental then get your arse up on the top deck... Sunset Booze Cruise Has won a lot of awards over here in magaluf and rightly so- it's great to be a part of the team.

Thanks Stu.

Cheers guys. Maybe catch you out here in magaluf 2019

You certainly will!

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