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Magaluf Bar Blitz 2019

Magaluf Event Bar Blitz

If you're coming to Magaluf to party then There is only one true way to see what Magaluf is all about! Don't be a Bore off and spend your whole holiday in the same muggy little bar, night in night out.... this summer make it your no.1 priority to get wrecked in all of the best bars in Maga! The best way to do this is on the official Magaluf Bar Blitz.

Magaluf bar blitz is undoubtedy th best way to introduce you and your squad to Magaluf and we definitely advise you to do this on your first or second night of arriving. Zoo Bar crawl.... Magaluf Bar Blitz is perfect for meeting other people outside of the group you traveled with- It's where you will meet everyone who will make the memories of your holiday.

We all meet at the first bar which will be stated on your ticket. Meet your reps, neck your free shots.... let's get this night started!

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Free from midnight

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expect an drunken tour of the infamous Magaluf strip. All in all it's incredible fun filled night which is perfect for meeting hundreds of other people who have just arrived in Magaluf for 2019.

Yes there is! As soon as you've reached your final bar on the Magaluf Bar Blitz you will be given access to your free bar where you are free to drink as much as you like till 5am!

This is not the case- the Pass Out team endeavor to always get a great balance between lads and girls as they know this balance is key to everyone enjoying the night. How drunk everyone gets down the Magaluf strip is subjective- it's just a great Magaluf event for everyone to socially drink and meet new people in Magaluf 2019

Of course you can. However the organized ones such as pass out, means you'll be partying with hundreds of other people, with free shots, party games and of course an unlimited free bar at the end. Your Pass Out Magaluf Reps will be there for you all night also!

A lot has changed in Magaluf since the old bar Crawl of five years ago. The Pass-Out bar Blitz is a much more sophisticated event where although there may be a few voluntarily drinking challengers on the Crawl it will only be to amplify the party. these challengers in Magaluf 2019 will only be for those who want to play them.

When you reach your final destination bar/ venue you will have access to the entire bar minus premium spirits and bottles. So this will include, lagers, cocktails, local spirit mixers and wine, plus as many shots as you can muster.

Yes, you will normally, time dependent go around four or five bars before reaching your final destination. Each bars will have great drinks offers on such as 2-4-1 along with complimentary shots. We'd always advise taking around 30 euros to ensure you do not run out of money before you reach the final bar.

No need to worry- just make your way back to the final Magaluf bar you were in and ask for which bar is next on the route for the Magaluf 2019 Bar Blitz.

Magaluf Bar Blitz - the Low-Down from those that know!

Magaluf Bar Blitz 2019 Chris Interview

Chirs Hyde


Magaluf Bar Blitz 2019 Kelly Interview

Kelly Mills

Bar Blitz Guest


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  • Full Moon
  • Sunset Booze Cruise (free bar)
  • MCP paint party (free bar)
  • White party (free bar)
  • Pass out bar Crawl
  • Radio One Champagne Spray Pool Party
  • Revolution-VIP resort wristband

This is Magaluf's most popular weekly events package! Your holiday just got BIGGER!

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