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Meet The Team

Magaluf 2019 promises to be another blockbuster of a summer! Over 30,000 of you joined us last summer on our incredible events with the majority of you coming in the legendary Magaluf Ultimate Events package! And it’s good news again because Magaluf 2019 is all set to be even bigger!

It’s vitally important to us that from the moment you land here in Magaluf till you fly back home that you’re well looked after by our Magaluf Events reps!

Between us all we have an overwhelming amount of experience here in magaluf! We will make sure everything from collecting your tickets, informing you of meeting times and even getting that last jäger bomb down you is all taking care of by our Magaluf 2019 team.

If you have any questions about magaluf in general or indeed the £99 Ultimate events package then get in touch with us.- we are always here to help...

Whatsapp, SMS, phone, live chat and e-mail details can be found on our website homepage.

So let’s meet this years team!

Ethan Magaluf Events Team


Ethan Carol




Magaluf Events Head Rep

Hi Guys - I’m Ethan all the way from Dublin, I’ve been working for the Magaluf Events Company for just over ten years now- and have been the head rep for the Magaluf Ultimate Package for what must be coming up to six years now...

Absolutely love the job, I’ll be the guy you meet on arrival who hands out all your Magaluf Ultimate package tickets at our ticket office, I’ll also be at all your events with either Georgia, Jen, Sam, Reece and josh! We love to get drunk as much you do so let’s make sure we all do some Shots together! It’s our job to make sure you’re having an unbelievable time, so if there is anything you need please, just make sure you let me or one of the other magaluf reps know...

What can you expect from the £99

Magaluf Ultimate package this summer?

Where do I start- two of the hottest day events and five of the coolest night events, most include an unlimited free bar so make sure you leave your spending money at home! It’s gonna be a great summer- I guarantee pretty much everyone in your hotel will be on the ultimate package- so make sure you get involved!!! See you out here guys

Also keep an eye on the long awaited Magaluf TV, this summer we will be filming live and uncensored from the famous Magaluf strip! It’s time to show everyone back home how we party here in Magaluf!

Nathan Magaluf Events Team


Nathan Reid




Ultimate Package Rep

I'm absolutely buzzing for Magaluf 2019 this summer... this will be my fourth year here in Magaluf, working for Magaluf Events Company. Each year has surpassed the last one. It's great hearing the buzz already about new Magaluf bars and Magaluf clubs opening for this summer....

My favourite Magaluf Events and Why...

Everyone knows the £99 Ultimate package has all the best events available in Magaluf, I think that's why it's been so popular for the last six years. It’ a tough one, I actually did Sunset Booze Cruise when I came here on holiday, six years ago- I loved it that much I decided to Come to Magaluf and work out here. Its the most popular event here in Magaluf by a long long way, so I'm gonna go with that. The full moon is also gonna get a mention... there is a real buzz about a night event outdoors, there is nothing else like it in Magaluf.

What should you expect on the Magaluf Ultimate Package this year...

It was crazy how many people came on the magaluf ultimate package last year- it felt like the entire island was at our pool parties and bar crawls... this year is gonna be insane, the white party was electric last year so it will be great going into magaluf summer 2019 with it as an established event. New DJ line ups at our pool party and some new bars added to the bar crawl- cannot wait to get started!!

Leah Magaluf Events Team


Leah Brettoner




Ultimate Package Rep

I agree with Nathan... I’ve been in Magaluf with the company for a few years now and every year just seems to always be bigger and better than the last! Magaluf is changing so quickly, im a girlie girl so I’m loving the new huge shopping retail outlet built here last year, loads of bikini shops, beauty salons, high street shops and all the best restaurants we have from back home! Still waiting for them to build a Nando’s though lol!

There is a huge new two floor bar being built right at the top of the Magaluf strip so that’s gonna be awesome... magaluf 2019 is gonna be epic- can’t wait for the summer to begin!

My Favourite events and why...

I’m pretty old school- for me you can’t beat our Magaluf Bar Blitz! 400 people who have just arrived in maga absolutely taking over every magaluf bar and magaluf club we head to, loads of free shots, drinking games and people coupling up with each other! I love it!

Second favourite has to be Sunset Booze Cruise- the legendary day sesh in the middle of the Mediterranean! The two DJ’s we have onboard are amazing! Sunset booze cruise is now the only boat party that sails from Magaluf, so everyday we have well over 300 people onboard the amazing double decker Soller cat! It will easily be the best day of your holiday!

What should everyone expect on Ultimate package for this year?

The events in the Ultimate package this year are incredible- I cant wait for the new MCP paint party! It’s the first ever in the world for the multi-coloured paint to be released from the sprinkler system in the ceiling. It’s literally raining neon paint! Things always get messy in the Paint Party! Especially when there is a SIX hour unlimited free bar included

Also I’m loving the new bar line up for the Magaluf Bar Blitz! Starting off in the Peaky Blinders tavern, this has to be the best bar for the pre-party! Then on to coyote ugly, the girls behind the bar always raise the roof when they start performing the wet t-shirt competition! Love it when all the girls on the bar Blitz join in! Hahaha

Hi Guys - I’m Ethan all the way from Dublin, I’ve been working for the Magaluf Events Company for just over ten years now- and have been the head rep for the Magaluf Ultimate Package for what must be coming up to six years now...

Absolutely love the job, I’ll be the guy you meet on arrival who hands out all your Magaluf Ultimate package tickets at our ticket office, I’ll also be at all your events with either Georgia, Jen, Sam, Reece and josh! We love to get drunk as much you do so let’s make sure we all do some Shots together! It’s our job to make sure you’re having an unbelievable time, so if there is anything you need please, just make sure you let me or one of the other magaluf reps know...

Josh and All Magaluf Events Team


Kate, Josh and Chelsea


20, 25, 22


Sunset Booze Cruise/Ultimate package reps


Really excited about this summer- some amazing DJ’s have been announced already at MCP clubs, plus all the love island and Geordie shore crew are all coming back this year for appearances on the Magaluf Ultimate package. So keep an eye on the line up and make sure they use the MCP Club Night ticket in the magaluf ultimate package in these nights,

Josh - The fact it’s so early in the new year and most of the youth hotels are fully booked already means magaluf is gonna be absolutely rammed this year! Bring it on.

Favourite events in the Magaluf Ultimate Package

Chelsea- for me it’s Sunset Booze Cruise obviously for the daytime and then at night it has to be MCP Club night or the white Party! It was the first year for this event last summer and it just lit up maga! Everyone who was in Maga was loving it, plus it’s a real glam event so that’s right up my street...

Kate - I love the radio one pool party! It’s class! The beachclub where it’s held is amazing, grey goose, cocktails, semi naked wet people dancing on podiums, champagne sprays...what’s not to love hahahah...

Night time event for me has to be the full moon party, it’s one of the longest running events we have here in magaluf and you can see why- fire breathers, great DJ’s, giant (and very strong) cocktail buckets, body painting! It’s just something really cool and different- the fact it’s held by the beach when the moon is out makes it really special for me. Oh hahaha and of course my baby- Sunset Booze Cruise!

Josh I love all the events on the Magaluf Ulimate Package- the guest we have on the week long package each week means it’s always a good laugh, I love the way there are two nights in MCP night club now, partying till 6am with an unlimited free bar is wicked...

What’s new for the ultimate package this year... loads of small things like new bars, free t-shirts, the boat party is now longer, the afterparty at empire for the white party is also gonna be a great edition, and let’s not forget the fact MCP have now added more hours of unlimited free bar for everyone on both the paint party and the club night meaning we are all gonna able to get more drunk without spending a single euro! Which is always a good idea if you ask me!!

Sam Magaluf Events Team


Sam Eagan




Ultimate Package Rep / White Party Rep

People always ask what are the best Magaluf Bars and Magaluf clubs...

Wow, I mean there are so many to choose from- the magaluf strip is looking better than ever if you ask me- the magaluf bars you should definitely go to our Alexs bars, guaranteed a good night- this is where we hold the magaluf white party every week...

Also make sure you give stereo bar a look, oh and Peaky Blinders tavern opened last year and has instantly become the go-to place... this is where we are holding the magaluf bar crawl this summer so I cant wait for that.

What events are an absolute must this summer?

I guess the other guys have said the same, Mcp paint party, MCP Club Night and sunset booze cruise.

The crazy thing is if you buy all these events individually when you arrive in magaluf it comes to almost 300 euros! that’s why everyone buys the £99 Magaluf Ultimate Package... it has every single worthwhile events in maga. Boat, MCP nights, The full moon party, the white party and the pool party plus your VIP wristband which gets you vip upgrades, queue jumps and discounted drinks in all the magaluf bars and magaluf clubs down the magaluf strip all holiday

What can we expect on the ultimate package this year?

Last year I think it was something amazing like over 30,000 party people joined us last summer- so expect to meet loads of cool new people, great atmosphere, the best events and DJ’s magaluf has to offer and more free booze than you can handle...

Reece Magaluf Events Team


Reece Lewis




Full Moon Rep/ Ultimate Package Rep

Best restaurants and cocktails in magaluf Reece?

Ah that’s an easy one, Pirates beach bar and grill right by the Magaluf Beach for both - it’s the most popular restaurant we have in magaluf and will no doubt be the same for Magaluf 2019. Peri peri chicken, huge burgers, incredible steaks- plus the cocktail menu they have there is insane- all freshly made mojitos! Make sure you try one... just around the corner you have daiquiri palace as well, that’s definitely the place for a day sesh!

Favourite events here in Magaluf?

All the best events are included in the ultimate package- if I had to pick my favourites I’d go for sunset booze cruise, the bar crawl, full moon party- all amazing for all kinda different reasons...

What should you expect on the £99 Magaluf Ultimate package for 2019...

Hahaha lots of drunk people having the times of their life! Great parties, amazing events and if your single expect to hook up with a LOT of people hahah!

David Magaluf Events Team


Jenny, David & Georgia


22, 33, 22


Ultimate Package Reps & Manager

David, How big has the Magaluf Ultimate Package become in Magaluf over the years...

We started the package over six years ago now, we learned that thousands of tourists were coming to magaluf every summer and being ripped off by the ‘trusted’ tour operator reps and the non official hotel reps who have given the security guard a back handed so they can grab people in the corridor when they check in...

It was outrageous how much they would charge everyone sometimes over €350 for five events with no drinks included, it was dreadful.

So the team and I started negotiating with suppliers to get the price down to as cheap as possible so the tourists who come every year could do all the hottest party events the island has to offer yet still had plenty of cash left over to enjoy themselves!

Year after year, the £99 Magaluf Ultimate Package just grew and grew, its popularity just took over, everyone started telling their friends to do it when they arrived, we had Scotty T and the love island guys giving us shouting outs and it just exploded- we had well over 30,000 guest join us last summer- it was an incredible year- the atmosphere on all the events was like nothing I’ve ever seen before

Now we pretty much have everyone who comes to magaluf on the ultimate package, you can always see when we have the full moon party on, or the white party as the magaluf strip is completely empty!

This summer is looking to be another incredible year for both Magaluf and the £99 Magaluf Ultimate Package- hope to see as many of you lot on the biggest week long magaluf party this summer! Make it a holiday to remember...

I’m always in magaluf at the either of our magaluf shops, so pop in and say hello and I’m always happy to answer any questions you’ve got and give you some pointers on how to make the most of you week with us in Magaluf 2019!

Jen and Georgia...

Oh it’s all going on this summer! Make sure you jump on the Magaluf Ultimate package and we both can’t wait to get steaming with you on Sunset booze cruise and at the full moon party!

Summer 2018 was our first year in magaluf as workers, we are both friends from back home in wales- we came out two summers ago on the ultimate package... loved the holiday so much we applied through ace workers and were luckily enough to land jobs here in magaluf in summer 2018. After a few jobs in the magaluf bars and magaluf clubs doing shots, PR’n and a bit of bar work we managed to worm our way into working as reps on the Magaluf Ultimate Package- it’s been the best job ever! Hopefully we’ll see loads of you this summer, we’ll be the ones handing out shoots of tequila and encouraging you all to go naked at the swim stop on sunset booze cruise!

Jess Magaluf Events Team


Jess Western




Magaluf Events Admin

Hi Everyone, I’m Jess... if you’ve made an enquiry about the Ultimate package via phone, email or on the live chat it’s probably me you’ve spoke with...

I’m based here in magaluf at the ticket office preparing each and everyone of your tickets, wristbands and information packs to collect when you arrive.

I’m always happy to answer and questions you’ve got regarding the events, or even just some handy hints and tips about magaluf in general- I’ve been here a long time so there is not much I don’t know! Hope you all have a great holiday this summer!

When the reps are in a good mood they sometimes let me out of the office and on the events so hopefully I’ll see you guys out and about on the magaluf boat party, full moon party or the white party (personal favourite of mine!)

Ola Magaluf Events Team


Ola Electra




Magaluf Events photographer

Hey everyone- I’m Ola! I’ll be following you around all week on the Magaluf Ultimate Package! I’ll be there partying with you guys taking all your HD snaps of you and Your friends! All my photographs are completely free and made available to you after your holiday!

The Magaluf Ultimate package normally has between 300-1000 people on each event, so as hard as I try to take photos of everyone on each event I do occasionally miss a few- so feel free to tap me on the shoulder and I’ll do by best to get some great photos of you and your magaluf 2019 squad!

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