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Bar Crawl Magaluf

Magaluf, located on the Spanish island of Mallorca, is a party Mecca. Especially after 2014’s crackdown on some of the sleazier and illicit venues in the area, Magaluf is the perfect place for action-seeking Europeans to party hard during the holiday season.

Where the Action Happens: Bar Crawl Magaluf

There is so much exciting night life to be found in Magaluf that even the most hardened of party goers will find it difficult to find the best pub crawls without guidance. Luckily, our staff, who have years of experience in the bar crawl scene in Magaluf, have done the “hard work” required to compile a list of some of the best ones:

· Carnage – Are you ready to party all night long? And when we say all night, we mean all night… plus the evening. Starting at 8PM, Carnage reps will show you around to four of the craziest bars on the island, where you will receive unlimited free shots. The party cranks up even more at midnight, when partiers will be taken to two of Magaluf's hottest nightclubs to receive unlimited free drinks.

· Stag Bar Tour – If actually remembering the events of the night is important to you, you may want to choose this slightly tamer, but still wild and fun, bar crawl option. Beginning in the evening, the crawl will take you to a minimum of five action-packed bars and clubs in Magaluf, each of which will serve you a free shot and all the delicious mixed drinks you care to pay for. This expertly planned bar crawl goes late into the night.

· Rolling Stone MCP Bar Crawl – Backed by Rolling Stone Magazine, this crawl will take you to some of the biggest and best bars on the city’s main strip before descending into MCP, Magaluf’s largest nightclub, for the clubs famous glow paint party and a six-hour free bar.

· Running Riot – If you enjoy the idea of a booze cruise, this one’s for you. The night begins with a three-hour cruise on which there is a free bar. After the cruise, reps will lead a rampage through some of the strip's hottest bars and clubs. A one-hour free bar is also available to Running Riot partiers at any time they choose before 4AM.

Of course, this short list is only scraping the surface of the Magaluf bar crawl scene, which is as diverse as it is wild, but it is a good reference for places to start your adventure. Contact our team for more info or to arrange a bar crawl Magaluf.

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