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Magaluf 2017- Winners and Losers

Magaluf 2017- Who were the winners and who were the losers?

Magaluf 2017 - The year without BCM, Who were The Winners and what to expect in 2018

BCM Magaluf

Without the closure of BCM planet dance, nobody really knew what was to come for Magaluf 2017. Some said tourism would suffer others said the Magaluf strip would benefit from another 3000 tourists going on the strip instead of in to the super club.


According to the statistics from Magaluf Hotels 1.2 Million tourists come to Magaluf and Palma Nova in 2017.

It was the busiest year since 2013! Great news for tourism in Magaluf.


Thousands of people flocked to the Magaluf strip every night with bars such as Crystals, Faces and Alexs looking the busiest alongside Stereo where Stu and Brett went B2B every night , whilst off the strip Jokers bar was busy from breakfast time until the early hours. Jokers was also the official Full Moon afterparty which was a big success.

Magaluf Strip

In the day time the busiest places were oceans beach club who hosted themed pool parties daily, Linekers bar was also extremely busy as it was the HQ of Magaluf Events and Sunset Booze Cruise, in peak season 2000 people a week partied on the infamous Booze Cruise which set sail from Magaluf beach.


A record breaking 200,000 litres of sangria were drunk on board Sunset Booze Cruise this summer, there was a lot of naughty activity and even one marriage proposal- she said yes!

The Magaluf Full Moon Party was just as popular as part of the ultimate package as is evident after winning the best nighttime event award for the second year in a row.

The Magaluf Bar Blitz was another favourite nighttime event and deserves a special mention for making sure everyone had a great time.

MCP has their best summer for years as people enjoyed dancing in Boomerangs, Tokio Joes and Bananas. The MCP paint party at Carwash was also a great success with a lock out week in week out, if you were walking home at 6am you would often see holiday makers soaking with neon paint on their clothes!


2017 was a year to remember for Ace working holidays who had a record breaking year and well and truly took over. They brought 620 new workers to Magaluf and found 94% of them jobs. Working abroad with a working holiday company has become the norm these days and you can see why when they all turn up on April the 1st already knowing and spoke to each other a great start and helps them get over missing home.

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