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MCP Magaluf

MCP Planet Dance is the largest and most prestigious night club in Magaluf, and it also tends to be the craziest. It spares no expense in giving patrons the pinnacle of partying euphoria, and it is a frequent hotspot for well-known celebrities and world-famous DJs.
How exactly does Magaluf’s MCP deliver the goods?

Again, MCP pulls no punches. This is party heaven. Here are some concrete examples:

· Free Bars – MCP’s two stories house 15 bars, all of which have their own unique theme and flavour. Best of all, all the delicious drinks you can handle, no matter which of the bars they are from, are free for the entire night.

· Unprecedented Sound System – MCP just recently acquired a 125,000 watt Funktion One sound system, allowing you to enjoy beautifully clear blasting of the hottest tracks from around the world all night long.

· Gigantic Capacity – MCP can hold over 5,000 partiers, allowing you to lose yourself in the pulsing mob that is the club crowd while meeting and getting wild with new people. And this figure is not even counting the large VIP lounge or even larger Millennium, a club located beneath the main club.

· Special Parties – Almost every night during party season, MCP organizes a special party of epic proportions. Types of special parties include, but are not limited to,

o Glow Paint Parties

o Foam X-Plosion Parties

o Washing Machine Parties – Like with foam x-plosion parties, foam is sprayed on partiers and then washed off with warm water sprays. In this case, though, the process is repeated again and again all night.

o Bubble Parties

o Megatron Parties – The 8 fog cannons built into the ceiling of the dance floor periodically fire out huge clouds of white steam that fill the club temporarily.

o UV Parties

o Jungle Parties

o Celebrity DJ Parties – Parties headed up by DJ Sammy, Danny Howard, and other world-famous DJs

· Unforgettable Party Atmosphere – Everything about the atmosphere you will be treated to in MCP Magaluf is carefully planned to pump up the euphoric party atmosphere to the max. This may mean the spectacular 3D laser shows on the dance floor or the psychedelic dancers located on podiums throughout the club, among many other things. If you make full use of the 15 free bars, however, the “unforgettable” guarantee does not necessarily hold true.

If you are looking to get carried away by a party that puts even the greatest clubs in your city to shame, look no further than MCP.