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BCM To Reopen in 2018...

BCM to reopen for 2018?

Last summer Magaluf and its revelers was dealt a devastating blow with the news that Magalufs no.1 nightclub would not be opening for the summer. Many felt this would kickstart the decline in Magaluf nightlife. 

The iconic hotspot which many believe is responsible for gaining Magaluf its uncountable popularity over the years has been home to the worlds best DJ's for over two decades. 

Magaluf strip

Magaluf 2017 was all set to be another pulsating year for the world famous club- with DJ's such as Martin Garrick, Carl Cox, Steve Aoki and Calvin Harris all set to make headlines in the famous iconic club... so when the news hit all the headlines that it wouldn't be opening for the summer it was worrying times for everyone associated with Magaluf. 

The masses soon took to twitter to voice their anger at the curtains being drawn at BCM for the season...

'Gutted the Magaluf holiday is over! Missed BCM so muchhhh! Hope it's open for Magaluf 2018! 

@BCMmallorca wasn't the same this summer without you! Best club in #magaluf forever! 

Essex girls are coming for you Magaluf 2018... #BCM you better be open this year we spent every night in there 3 years ago! Lol #FreeBar #WhatHappensInTheFoam

And the reasons for the closure of BCM?

Rumours and whispers soon circulated around Magaluf about the owners facing an array of criminal charges... however it was legal requirements on health and safety measures which were the official reasons why BCM wasn't opening for the summer.

So how did losing a Magaluf club with a 4000 sell out capacity effect Magaluf? And will will see a grand reopening of BCM in Magaluf 2018?

Following the news of BCM's closure Magaluf responded quickly with the remaining Magaluf nightlife venues rolling up their sleeves and putting on breathtaking club nights to keep giving the Magaluf clubbers exactly what they wanted. The MCP Magaluf Clubs (Bananas, Boomerangs, Tokio Joes and Carwash) in particular kept a real exciting line up of celebrities, international DJ's and themed nights including the much loved Foam and paint parties... let's all hope this continues into Magaluf 2018.

Magaluf Sunset Booze Cruise had a great year

In BCM' s absence, Magaluf also noticed a massive surge on tourists jumping onboard the incredible array of night events. Massive numbers flocked onto the Magaluf Bar Blitz, Sunset Booze Cruise and the ever popular Magaluf Full Moon party with tourists loving every second

Tweet '#SunsetBoozeCruise is insane, best day of the holiday so far- absolutely smashed lol! Shipwrecked after party here we come 

@fullnoonparty Magaluf! Amazing night at Oceans beach club at the full moon party! The whole of Magaluf going absolutely mental hahaha 

Chris 22 from Nottingham confirmed what a lot of people in Magaluf seemed to be saying in regards to the loss of BCM..

'Yeah it's our first ever lads holiday abroad, BCM was one of the main reasons we decided to come. My brother and his mates were in Magaluf three years ago and they said BCM is the best place to go most nights. So yeah we were pretty gutted when we heard. But we all agree it's been an amazing holiday- we have been on a different club every night instead and done loads of amazing events instead like the Sunset Booze Cruise, the full moon party and stuff. They were class. So in a way It's a good thing that we didn't end up going to the same club for seven nights in a row. We are definitely doing Magaluf 2018'

There seemed to be a resounding feel good factor over Magaluf this summer despite losing the BCM gem in the crown.

We spoke with Bar Manager Shane Hughes from the popular Capitol Bar on the Magaluf Strip. 'I've not seen the Magaluf strip this busy for years... the closing of BCM was sad but in turn it means everyone has once again flocked to the Magaluf strip again, the bars are all booming and the atmosphere is incredible as everyone in Magaluf is in one place, there is a real buzz again about the place' 

Magaluf Beach

So will we see BCM open its doors again in Magaluf 2018? Well at the moment there isn't much noise coming to say whether it's going to remain closed or open up again. Stay tuned over the next month or so for all updates for BCM 2018. We'll be sure to update you with any information we have. But one thing is for sure even without BCM Magaluf is still the no.1 holiday destination for those who want a real party holiday in Magaluf 2018. 


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