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Full Moon Party

Having a party at the full moon is a tradition that originated in Thailand in 1985, and it has only grown in scope and world-wide popularity since then. A club built on the beach in Magaluf has recently adopted the tradition, and the parties held there are crazier and more cutting edge than full moon parties anywhere else.

What Makes Magaluf’s Full Moon Party the Best Choice?

The Magaluf version of the party retains hints of its Thai origins, but it is brought into a whole new league of party euphoria through several new-age innovations:

· Unlimited Free Drinks – Buckets full of Thai Jungle Juice and other Southeast Asia-inspired cocktails will be available to all party-goers during the night. The buckets will be refilled periodically to keep the party going. There is also a 6-hour free bar afterparty at millennium, part of the famous MCP Planet Dance mega-club.

· Comfortable Setting – This is one aspect that differs severely from the Thai version of the party. The festivities will be held in a five-star club on the beach that houses expansive and comfortable seating and a huge dance floor.

· Great Music – World famous DJs and skilled percussionists come together to play both modern music and a fusion of modern with traditional Southeast Asian music that will blow you away!

· Delicious Food – It is common knowledge that it’s not a good idea to drink on an empty stomach, so Thai-influenced finger foods will be readily available.

· Street Performers – Street performance is an important component of the Thai full moon party, and it has not been lost in Magaluf’s version. Fire breathers, go-go dancers, and other talented performing artists will provide partygoers with fascinating entertainment.

· Professional Body Painting – Like the original full moon party, body painting is a component of the festivities. In this case, though, the paint is neon and it is masterfully applied by our expert body painters.

· Mushroom Shakes – So you can enjoy all the above attractions even more, Thai-inspired mushroom shakes are mixed by master cooks and distributed freely to partiers.

Magaluf’s full moon party does a great job of fusing current partying technologies with traditional Thai elements. For a unique party experience you won’t find anywhere else, reserve your budget-friendly ticket today.

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