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How Much Money To Bring On Your Magaluf Holiday

Magaluf Events...How Much Money To Bring To Magaluf

Posted: 9th February 2017 by Tim Blake.

Magaluf 2017 is almost here! You've booked your flight, paid for the hotel, bought twenty identical bikinis and with the holiday in touching distance... it's official... you're skint!

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The biggest question we're asked is how much money to bring to Magaluf for a week. The answer is, it really all depends on you. Some lads love Magaluf strip clubs and drinking grey goose vodka. If you're like them, a week here can get pretty expensive!

For the rest of us, we'd recommend bringing £800 for the week. Speaking with thousands of people who've booked events with us over the last ten years this Is the average figure you guys spend on holiday. £800 will allow you to eat out in restaurants, get absolutely steaming, and do some of Magalufs best events.

So heres a few helpful tips to help you party like a Rockstar yet spend like a student!

Get the best conversion rate in Magaluf!

The safest way is to load up your holiday money on a Pre-Pay card from your high street travel shop. Its much safer than bringing out your bank card and will stop all the scary ATM charges. FYI you will get a much better rate on your English pounds in Magaluf than you will in the U.K.

Book your events before you arrive!

The two most popular events in Magaluf are Sunset Booze Cruise and the Full Moon Party. These sell out months in advance and are also 20% more expensive if bought in Magaluf.

At you can buy your tickets and get a free VIP Champagne Spray Pool Party ticket with every purchase.

Magaluf 2017 is seeing everyone snap up the £99 ultimate package- It's all your events sorted for the week and includes up to 20 hours of Free bar! Free drinks all week? Sounds good to us! For more info head over to

Grab a Magaluf Resort Wristband!

Magalift VIP WristbandWe can't stress this enough! The most popular one in Magaluf is the Revolution-VIP wristband. Revolution-VIP has the best offers and drinks deals on: ONE EURO drinks all holiday, 20% off in beachside restaurants, discounted quad bike hire and also discounted event tickets!

You also receive a VIP Club Members Card which grabs you free club entry and Queue Jump. If used wisely It'll save you between €250-€300 on your holiday! Well worth getting when the wristbands are only £12.99

Check them out at


The PR's in Magaluf are as annoying as your mum with the Hoover when you're hungover and contemplating death! But, Listen to their drink offers! Ask for a free fish bowl cocktail with shots, whilst strutting away with more sass than Beyoncé! Those PR's will soon cave into your diva demands!


Nothing beats pre-drinks on your balcony! However, quick word of warning- Beware of Rushkinov Vodka!

It tastes horrible, gives you the worst hangover and makes your think you're pulling a worldie when in reality they look like a Dinner lady! BUT it's cheap, SAVES you money and gets you hammered. Enough said!

Rushkinov Vodka

Rushkinov Vodka, tastes horrible, gives you the worst hangover ever but it is CHEAP!

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