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How Much Spending Money to Bring to Magaluf 2018

How Much Spending Money To Bring To Magaluf

So you've booked your hotel, paid for your flight holiday to Magaluf, bought all your new clobber, and as if that wasn't enough you've now got to go and find money to take on the holiday! Nobody said having fun in the sun was gonna be cheap!


So how much does the average person spend in Magaluf, how much do we recommend you bring and how can you have an incredible holiday on a budget! 


Last year we polled almost 5000 (2840 girls 2072 lads) people who came to Magaluf to find out how much the old bank account got hammered whilst they were away. The average amount you guys spend in a week was £846.00.


(And yep you guessed it lads do spend on average almost £200 a week more than girls, and yep again we do think the strip clubs had a lot to do with it!) 


The truth is you can quite comfortably get away with €500 a week... although wed day if you can stretch that to €700 then you're in for one hell of a week! 


So how can you have an amazing holiday without breaking the bank! Here is a short list 



  1. Pre-Drinks Rule! Grabbing your vodka mixers and WKD's from the shop to chug every night on the balcony is almost a religion here in Magaluf! Nothing beats a few drinking games whilst you watch the sunset... also getting drunk before you go out means you save a fortune on drinks when you're out
  2. Grab a resort wristband- there are quite a few but the Revolution-VIP ones are by far the most popular and certainly get you the best deals! Just flash the wristband in the bars, restaurants and clubs for discounts and VIP deals as well as some Chet queue jumps! (Oh and did we mention €1 Jagerbombs!) Last year they were £12.99 which is an absolute bargain considering how much they'll save you over the holiday.
  3. Haggle with the PR's! You know those annoying people you try and coax you in their bars with drinks offers and you kinda wanna slap in the face! Well hear them out! You can normally negotiate free shots, and a goldfish bowl of lethal cocktail with your first round of drinks'

Buy your events before you come to Magaluf! On average you will save about 30% off what you'd pay of 'hotel reps' also the top events such as Sunset Booze Cruise and full moon party sell out well in advance so don't take the risk and wait till you're here to try and source some last. Unite tickets. If you're looking for the ultimate party week but without breaking the bank then definitely check out the '£99 Ultimate Package' includes SIX events, 18 hours free bar and your Revolution-VIP wristband. This is Magalufs most popular event Package by a mile- if you buy these six events in magaluf it will cost you almost €250, so our advice is to grab it online and know you're in for crazy week when you arrive! 

Use the kitchen facilities in your self catering apartment! Eating out in restaurants three times a day will hit your wallet hard! It's easy to spend €50/ €60 a day on food! Grab some Super noodles and baguettes from the supermarket to help you from going broke on day two of the holiday! (And yes their is a McDonald's 

On the island for those of you having mcnugget withdrawals)


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