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Magaluf BCM Square Returns in Time for World Cup


News of BCM square reopening this summer hit the headlines in Mallorca and the U.K. like a tidal wave this week!

What was once the pulsating heartbeat of Magaluf nightlife is currently a colossus of rusted over bars, over grown weeds and a stale whiff of old cheap Spanish lager that stings the nostrils!

It's hard to believe (and also a little bit heartbreaking) that this concrete corpse was once the thriving BCM square-

Jam packed every night with scantily dressed giggling girls, tanned topless jovial lads, cheap Jolly shots and the latest Black-Eyed Peas song blasting out...
Without question it was home of the good times!!!

Although the doors may have reluctantly closed last years, the memories for many of us still live on! (Well we doubt we'll ever forget those wet-t shirt competitions in coyote uglies for as long as we live!)

How many of us over the last fifteen years didn't experience drunken memory loss, a regrettable one night stand or at least a half cooked slice of stomach churning pizza from 'made in Italy'

Just hearing some of these bar names will bring back a warm glow of nostalgia for so many magaluf revellers from years gone by.

So what made BCM square so popular back in its heyday? The Giant sport screens? The Go-Go dancers? The fact that all the action was outdoors on the terrace under the warm Mallorca skies?

Many felt the BCM square had a special buzz about it, an electric atmosphere
And camaraderie that was never replicated on the infamous magaluf strip.

And who can forget the triumph and heartbreak of the international football watched by the thousands of those who believed it was gonna be England's year! Some of us will never be able to forget the solidarity of everyone coming together for the epic matches during the euros and the World Cup- nowehere, and we nowhere could host sporting events like BCM square


Many felt when BCM nightclub closed its doors and subsequently the square followed shortly after that the writing was on the wall that Magaluf was on the decline. But in truth that was never further from the case- 2017 was far from doom and gloom!

Joel Lewis from told us that Magalufs most popular £99 ultimate events package saw over 35,000 guests last summer join on it last summer, with Sunset Booze Cruise and the Magaluf full moon party in particular setting Magaluf alight again!

Ultimate Package

This year it's predicted over 50,000 are all set to sign up for magaluf events craziest £99 event package. So it certainly doesn't look as if Magaluf is ready to hang up its boots just yet, especially with BCM square in its early rebuilding stages...

In fact many believe The Magaluf strip was the busiest it's been in the last fifteen years all season, whilst the magaluf bars and magaluf clubs all had record breaking summers...

Reports are coming in that guest bookings in all the magaluf hotels have shot up by Over 30% with the news of BCM squares reemergence.... could 2018 be the biggest summer yet?

The future certainly looks bright because A well respected team of promoters in magaluf have now been handed the golden keys to bring back the BCM square glory days- and their plans include a lot more than just a lick of paint!

So what can we expect for the new and improved BCM square this summer?

Well the partners who have taken over have already made a huge splash in Magaluf with their previous successful projects, so we are sure exciting times are heading magalufs way this summer!

Ben Morris is the main man leading the BCM square renaissance this summer.

Ben- A hugely experienced and well respected former PR manager of the Chaplins, Revolution and Pure gave us an exclusive insight to some potential nightlife plans on the horizon.

One idea that continued to sparkle when we spoke with Ben was the plan for a dedicated house music club- something which magaluf has been screaming out for since the premature closure of the massively popular project club two summers ago.

He also purred over the plan to introduce a themed bierkeller to the square, following on from their popular emergence in the U.K. Who doesn't love a litre of chilled lager served to you by a girl in a Drindl dress!

'What we will definitely be bringing back is the non-stop party atmosphere which BCM square was so famous for, it's been missed massively in Magaluf' he also added that it will be the "hub for people to watch the wold cup live on big screens, I still remember the day when England beat Sweden and 3500 fans in the square started singing Oasis-Wonderwall, one of the best experiences of my life, we will be bringing that back"

'2018 is going to be a massive year for Magaluf. There are so many great things here already, Sunset booze cruise, the full moon party, the new white party also- we just feel bringing back the craziness of BCM square is the final missing piece in the jigsaw'

So with five new bars now opening in the square, Ben was keen to stress the need for young, vibrant staff to fill the plethora of new job roles that BCM squares opening will create. Bar staff, glass collectors, shot girls, waitresses and many more. will be responsible for the recruitment of all the new BCM staff this summer, so if you have the energy, ambition and drive for a season of sun in the fun get over to the website now and get involved! Accommodation and training is all included by these guys!

To keep up to date with everything that is happening with Magaluf this summer make sure you join the official Facebook group 'Magaluf 2018-Everything Magaluf'

We'll be sure to keep you updated as plans for the BCM square take shape but one thing is for certain magaluf 2018 just got a whole lot bigger!

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