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NINE Reasons why Reality TV Queen Charlotte Crosby is joining us on the Magaluf Ultimate Events Package in 2019!
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Magaluf Events 9 reasons why

Over 40,000 of you are joining us this summer- making it the biggest events package Magaluf has ever seen!! We have listed nine great reasons why everybody should join us on the Magaluf Events ultimate package this summer and make it a holiday they’ll never forget!

1. Sunset Booze Cruise

This is the Biggest Booze Cruise in Magaluf. 350 People on a yacht with the best DJ’s Magaluf has to offer. This Magaluf Boat Party is always everyone’s favourite day of the holiday. Expect Champagne Sprays, swim stops and an unlimited free bar at the Shipwrecked after party. Not only is it the biggest capacity boat on the island it is also the ONLY boat to sail from Magaluf beach.

Magaluf Sunset Cruise 2019

2. TWENTY Hours of Free Drinking is included

TWENTY Hours of Free Drinking is included in the Magaluf ultimate package! This means for TWO nights in Magaluf you can leave your wallet at home, we’ve got you covered all night long in SIX venues. Drinks includes all spirits and mixers, beers, cocktails and all the rest of your fave summer drinks! You also get an inclusive bar after the Infamous Sunset Booze Cruise at the shipwrecked after party at Linekers bar just off the Magaluf Beach.

3. Save Money

Save Money In Magaluf Image

No Commission when purchasing your tickets direct from Buying direct from the event organisers results in you saving commission money which would usually be paid to the hotel reps! You will save £190 by buying online at . This means you have more spending money on your Magaluf holiday. There is nothing worse than having to live like a. Medieval peasant whilst you’re holidaying in the sun!

4. Celebrity Appearances

Celebrity appearances, Famous DJ Live performances will be Included in your Magaluf ultimate package 2019 along with some great celebrity appearances- so if you love seeing the best DJ’s on the planet and the love island crew You can use your MCP club night ticket any night you wish, so you can see live performances from acts such as Lethal Bizzle, Tincy Stryder, The Streets, weekly celebrity appearances from the likes of Mark Wright, Joey Essex, Scotty T and Gaz and infamous DJ,s such as Hannah Wants.

5.The Best Rep Service

Our reps will look after you from the moment you touch down in Magaluf until the moment you go home. We have a reps hotline so you can Whatsapp us or come down to see us at Linekers bar for any help or advice about anything Magaluf.

Magaluf Sunset Best Rep Service

6. VIP Wristband

Magaluf VIP Wristbands

40,000 of you are joining us on the package this year which means we have been able to make some great deals for everyone coming on the ultimate package. This will cover you for the duration of your holiday and includes discount on Tattoos, quad bikes, Go Karts and also in top Magaluf bars and Magaluf restaurants. This means you can get most out of the Magaluf Nightlife as well as the day times. The average person will save 100 euros with their Magaluf wristband,

7. Guaranteed Entry To Sold Out Events

Magaluf Events Guaranteed for 2019

Tickets to some Magaluf events sell out well in advance and you would be lucky to get your hands on them. The Sunset Booze Cruise, Full Moon And White Party are included in the package- These famous events have made their way from Thailand and Miami and are now firmly established in Magaluf as the top night events! They are included in your Magaluf Events ultimate package this summer so you’re guaranteed entry. Unfortunately the people who do not get the package or do not book the events in advance may not be able to get entry or there may not be enough space on the boat.

8. Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements from the likes of Scotty T and Charlotte Crosby prove that this is a Magaluf Events package you can trust. This has been the biggest Magaluf Package for over SIX years and we have had thousands of people join us in the past. You can see some of our Magaluf reviews here

9. Meet New People

You will meet thousands of people on the Magaluf ultimate package - what’s the point in coming to the party paradise of Magakuf to just stay in your little group! Boring! You and all the package people arriving on the same week as you will all do the Magaluf Events together, so you will get to spend time with the same crazy people on different events meaning you will make good friends and a few holiday flings! Lol

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