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Magaluf Discount Drinks

When you look at the prices of drinks at Magaluf bars, a holiday full of drinking and partying may seem quite pricey. When you learn about the many discount drink options available, however, the resort begins to seem a lot more affordable.

How Can I Get Magaluf Discount drinks?

The drink prices you find in Magaluf will be significantly lower than those seen back home. There are a few ways, however, to drop the price you will pay for alcohol even lower. For instance, if you pay £12.99 beforehand or when you arrive in Magaluf, you will receive a Revolution-VIP Wristband that entitles you to heavy discounts on countless attractions and food items on the island! It will also get you the best drink deals in most of the area's hottest bars and clubs. Another option to get Magaluf discount drinks is to go to the bar in a group. Many bars in Magaluf give deep discounts when you buy drinks for a large group of people at once, especially if the group is in excess of 20 people.

Exactly How Much of a Discount Will I Get?

It depends on the bar. Some bars don’t offer any discounts, so it is important to plan your night beforehand if you are trying to stick to a budget. If you are in possession of a Revolution-VIP wristband, you can get expertly mixed cocktails, lagers, wines, daiquiris and spirits for only one euro at popular venues such as Rockahunnys, Joker’s, Jack Daniels Bar, The Office Club, City Lights, Dreams Bar, the Mint Lounge, Secrets Lap Dance, and many more. Some places, such as Capital Bar, offer open bars for a discount, too. For only seven euros, wristband holders are given a one-hour pass to drink as much as they want. This includes even the highest quality spirits and cocktails. This means that for seven euros, you could get drunk enough on high-quality booze to keep your buzz going for hours. Many other bars around the Magaluf offer similar deals, so be sure to do your research first.

By being smart, you can enjoy all the drinks you want in Magaluf for a fraction of the full price. This does not mean you have to stay vigilant while partying; feel free to let loose completely! All we’re saying is that a little advance planning can go a long way towards enjoying Magaluf’s discounted drinks.

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