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Magaluf Discount Wristbands

Magaluf is undoubtedly one of the premier party resorts in the world. For students and other partiers on a budget, however, paying full price for the full Magaluf experience can be too expensive. So that you can enjoy Magaluf to its fullest without breaking the bank, Magaluf Events offers visitors Magaluf Discount Wristbands, also called Revolution-VIP wristbands. For an amazingly modest up-front fee of £ 12.99, partiers can gain access to everything the island has to offer for sharply discounted prices.

What Will a Magaluf Discount Wristband Get Me?

The Revolution VIP wristband gets you access to hundreds of events on the island, as well as some other benefits. Below are a few examples.

· £15 off the Sunset Booze Cruise – This is the island’s hottest offshore rager. You’ll be going hard with hundreds of other like-minded partiers. The event is so popular that is has appeared in many movies and TV shows, and the nearly 50% discount you will receive with the wristband will already cover the up-front fee.

· £15 off Magaluf’s Full Moon Party – This Thai-inspired party plays host to unique fusions of Southeast Asian and Western culture and exotic cocktails that will taste even better when they’re heavily discounted.

· £10 off the Rolling Stone MCP Bar Crawl – The tour leads you and a mob of people around to all the best clubs and bars in Magaluf before ending up at MCP, the islands biggest club.

· Free Entry to the Champagne Spray Pool Party – The wristband will gain you free access to the invite-only event. The party is held during the day and is a perfect precursor to the wild night ahead.

· Special Offers – Get heavy discounts at hundreds attractions of around Magaluf, such as waterparks, go-karts, tattoos, piercings, car rentals, shisha, and all-terrain vehicle hires.

· Food – Get up to 50% off at many restaurants.

· Drink – Even when you’re not at one of the open bar events you will get into with the help of the wristband, you will be able to get cocktails for as little as one euro.

· Queue Jumping – Skip the wait to get into some of the biggest and best venues in Magaluf quicker than anyone else.

· VIP Access – Get the royal treatment in many of Magaluf’s hottest bars and clubs.

If you’re paying for anything in Magaluf, the discount you get with the Magaluf Discount Wristband will probably pay for itself and more. Not only that, but you will be given the freedom to do whatever you want without having to worry about overspending.

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