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Magaluf Drinking Games

You have likely played a drinking game with others at some point in your life, so we don’t have to tell you that they are a blast. They are, as a rule, quite simplistic, but the social structure they add to a drinking session is a fun change of pace, and the game just gets more fun as you get drunker. Magaluf’s bars have a higher budget than house parties and attract much larger crowds, so a greater scope can be given to Magaluf drinking games.

Guiding Principles Behind Magaluf Drinking Games

There are hundreds of bars in Magaluf coming up with new drinking games all the time. There are, however, a few guiding principles that all the best bars and clubs use to devise wild and fun drinking games.

· Become As Social as Possible – You are in a bar, not in a group of your mates, so meeting new people is the name of the game. Magaluf drinking games attempt to hook up as many strangers as possible and have them get to know one another. Who knows, you could meet a new drinking buddy.

· Get Active – With such a large crowd and a large area for the game to take place in, the possibilities for moving around and interacting physically are endless.

· Use the Crowd – Even if the drinking game involves a lot of players, there will be a large audience. Magaluf drinking games take advantage of this fact and provide entertainment for spectators as well as contestants.

· Feel the Beat – Music really speaks to people when they’re drunk. It’s a universal fact. So we like to incorporate the jukebox or the music playing into our drinking games.

· Get Loud – You are in Magaluf, arguably the greatest party resort in the world, and it is only right that things get raucous. Whether it is coming from the crowd, the MC, or the music, let’s crank up to eleven!

· Provide Structure – Magaluf’s bars’ highly trained MCs are masters at providing the structure you need to make sure your wild night doesn’t become aimless while at the same time encouraging you to unleash your wild side.

Again, there are countless crazy drinking games being played every night across Magaluf, and they all share a unique style. The result: every one of the games is injected with a dose of party euphoria.

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