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Magaluf Events Company - Magaluf in Early Season

Magaluf in April and May

What's Magaluf Like in April and May?


The Magaluf party season starts in April. With many bars including Alexs, Crystals, Revolution and Chaplins all opening their doors on April 1st. This is also when the first batch of workers come over to work for the summer, through companies such as Ace Working Holidays who bring around 500 young enthusiastic newbies to Magaluf every summer.

Magaluf Workers

April is also the first month that Sunset Booze Cruise sails which will be running every Saturday throughout April and every Saturday and Wednesday throughout May. If you are coming to Magaluf in these months it is guaranteed to be good fun onboard the boat which has been named the best of Magaluf Events.


The tourists which arrive in Magaluf in April and May tend to be different to those In June and July. Firstly they are usually a bit older (the young ones are still in college/university) and are usually mainly in stag and hen groups. It is common for the Magaluf stag and Hens to be in fancy dress and it is always a great part of the summer. The DJ onboard Sunset Booze Cruise has quick wit and often embarrasses the stag however far he can go. We've seen all sorts and he always make a big deal of any hen groups who  get champagne treatment as standard.

Magaluf Stag and Hen

Magaluf in April and May is very busy on the weekends and most things will be open, however during the week days it can be quiet. So take this in mind before booking if you want to enjoy busy bars in April and May its best to do a long a weekend. However for those who would rather a more relaxing holiday it's perfect as the weather is warm and the beach is untouched.


In May Magaluf heats up a little more and all bars are open. Tokio Joes night club is open and the Magaluf strip is in full swing, although it's still busier on the weekends.

The first Magaluf Full Moon Party takes on the 7th May and this not to be missed. Tickets need to be pre booked with this one due to the limited capacity inside the beach club. Over the past few years the Magaluf Full Moon Party has firmly

Magaluf Full Moon Party

Cemented its place in Magaluf Nightlife with thanks to the fire showers, outdoor pool and acrobatics.


So in conclusion there is plenty to do in Magaluf during April and May on the Magaluf strip and with Magaluf boat parties and events. But if you want it to be busy it's best to join us on the weekend.

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