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Magaluf VIP Guide 2019

Last summer, Magaluf Events’ VIP wristbands, called Magalife 2014 bands, were a sensation among Magaluf vacationers and on online Magaluf forums because of the exclusive treatment and fantastic deals they secured for the purchaser for an incredibly low up-front price. We are once again offering you the chance to experience a turbocharged version of a holiday in Magaluf with 2019’s newly introduced Revolution-VIP wristband. To outline the many benefits you could reap with the wristband, we have put together this brief Magaluf VIP guide.

With the Revolution-VIP Wristband, you are entitled to:

· Exclusive Events – Special parties, such as the champagne spray pool party, are only open to Revolution-VIPs.

· Exclusive Deals – Magaluf hosts many party excursions, such as trips to water parks and booze cruises. These all include a huge rager and, of course, plenty of free alcohol. Regularly, tickets to these excursions can be too pricy, but VIPs will receive the benefit of preferred pricing.

· Queue Jumping – We and our partners treat VIPs like rock stars, and that means no waiting in line at some of the hottest venues!

· Added Perks – There are many attractions scattered throughout Magaluf, including waterparks, all-terrain vehicle hires, and hundreds of others not listed in this Magaluf VIP guide, and VIPs will get the best experience possible when using them. For instance, if you choose to use the island’s go-karts, you will get to take extra laps.

· Sharp Discounts on Food and Drink - The wristband only costs £13.99 when it is bought online, and it can easily save you £250 or more during your vacation when you are buying luxurious meals or drinks that might normally break the bank. Many bars, for instance, allow VIPs to purchase shots or cocktails for only £1 each.

· Free Drinks – Some locations even offer drinks for free to VIPs.

· Special Recognition – When you wear a wristband, you are not only entitled to the benefits specified by Magaluf Events. Rather, you join an exclusive community who staff members can tell at a glance should be given preferential treatment.

This Magaluf VIP guide is very short and only includes the most significant benefits of being elevated to Revolution-VIP status. To fully understand just how great it feels to be a VIP, you need to see it firsthand. Our Magaluf VIP guide 2019 and thousands of internet users who experienced the VIP treatment themselves can’t be wrong: going VIP is the optimal way to go on your Magaluf holiday.

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