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Magaluf VIP Wristbands. Are They Worth It? - Magaluf Events

Magaluf VIP Wristbands. Are They Worth It And Which Is The Best Value For Money?

Posted: 21st February 2017 by Rachel Taylor.

Here at Magaluf Uncovered- the biggest question we get asked is; Is it worth getting a Magaluf Resort Wristband?

Image of Girls in Magaluf- The Magaluf Guide

We thought it was time for an unbiased article about Resort Wristbands. How they work? Where they work and how much money they will REALLY save you?

So let's cut to the chase- are they worth the hype...

Well in short, the answer is Yes! But it's important you grab the right wristband and know what you're getting for it...

So is a Magaluf Resort Wristband right for you?

Let's start by looking at who probably wouldn't need a wristband:

Now let's look at who the Wristbands are perfect for:

So what's the wristband we'd recommend?

There are a couple of ok ones, but Let's be honest; The only wristband to get is the Revolution-VIP Wristband. It's been present here in Magaluf for donkey years now and still costs an extremely reasonable £12.99.

The Revolution-VIP team work hard every summer to make sure you get great drinks offers, deals in restaurants, free pool party entrance and much more.

How Much Will Magaluf Wristbands Save you?

Magaluf VIP WristbandRevolution-VIP advertise that they can save you £300 per holiday- is this realistic? We calculated that about £270 is the average saving in Magaluf with a wristband. On average £190 was saved in bars and restaurants, and another £80 was saved in club entry and event tickets.

Magaluf is a clubbers paradise- so we love how the Revolution-VIP team have now included a free VIP members card this summer. This gets you half price selected club entry and queue jumps all holiday.

Best drinks offers on the wristband

1€ Jagerbombs 1€ vodka Red Bulls, 1€ spirit and mixers, 1€ cocktails 1€ lager!
As well as 2-4-1 on koppaburgs and a one hour UNLIMITED free bar for just 6 euros.

Best restaurant offers

We all love our Nando fix, and our obsession is made easier with the fact that we now get a mouth watering 20% off at Peri Peri heaven. Chuck in further discounts at Pirates Beach bar, Golden wok, Tex-Mex and Tom Browns and you know you're never going to be short of good food to soak up all that alcohol.

What I like about Revolution-VIP wristbands opposed to the rest is there are no annoying little clauses. You can use the wristband from the moment you land in Magaluf 2017 till the moment you leave!

So, Will they completely change your life? No.

Are they great if you're on a budget, love free VIP upgrades and queue jumps- yes!

Do they make you irresistible to the opposite sex? nope!

Will it prevent you from being bankrupt three days into your holiday? Yes, definitely!

My advice- #JoinTheRevolution

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