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Magaluf Wristband

For years, Magaluf has been offering holiday makers the opportunity to purchase Magaluf wristbands that allow the wearers to enjoy their Magaluf vacations to the fullest for affordable prices. This year, the wristbands being offered, called Revolution-VIP bands, unlock more perks than ever before for the wearer.

What You Will Get With Magaluf Wristbands

Some of the more notable features include:

· Champagne Spray Pool Party – Only wristband-wearers are given access to this invite-only event.

· Event Discounts – Exclusive deals on some of the hottest functions on and around the island include:

o £15 off the unique East-meets-West party experience that is Magaluf’s full moon party.

o £10 off the Sunset booze cruise, consistently voted the best boat party on Earth.

o £10 off the Rolling Stone MCP Bar Crawl, a great way to sample Magaluf’s hottest venues.

· Discounted Food – Receive up to 50% off in many of the resort’s top restaurants, sharp price cuts on vendor foods around the island, and one euro bar foods in popular nightlife venues.

· Drink Deals – Get awesome cocktails and good ol’ fashioned shots for only one euro.

· VIP Access – Get the movie star treatment, complete with queue jumping and access to exclusive areas, at some of Magaluf’s top venues.

· Hundreds of Other Discounts – From 70% off on tattoos and piercings to free rounds of mini golf to reduced price on car hires, those wearing Magaluf wristbands will find discounts on countless attractions and services all around the resort.

With the wide array of benefits the wristbands offer, you will be able to buy things and have experiences that likely would have broken the bank if you were paying full price. All in all, the wristbands easily end up saving £250 for the wearers during a week’s holiday in Magaluf. Despite this figure, though, they only cost £13.99 each if you buy them online. That means that you will probably pay off the cost of your wristband with the savings you appreciate on buying your first round of drinks! And thanks to the huge variety in types of attractions the wristbands get you discounts on, they are perfect for any age. Turbo-charge your Magaluf holiday by purchasing yours today.

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