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Sunset Booze Cruise Magaluf

Sunset Booze Cruise Magaluf is arguably the resort’s most talked-about event. It is extremely prestigious and offers hours of partying, complete with free bars, both out on the waters of the Mediterranean and in MCP Planet Dance, Magaluf’s biggest nightclub. The beautiful ocean views and unique partying experience the cruise provides have even made their way into television and film, appearing in shows such as Sun, Sea and Suspicious Parents and movies such as The Inbetweeners Movie.

What Exactly Does Sunset Booze Cruise Magaluf Offer?

The full experience of the party is too great in scope to be captured on paper, but here are some of the most attractive aspects of the cruise that you can look forward to enjoying.

· Pregaming – Before piling onto the boat, the guests meet each other and hang out in one of Magaluf’s top bars.

· Large Capacity - The yacht itself has a capacity of 240, meaning that you will not run out of new faces to meet and party with during the 2.5-hour cruise.

· Swimming – During the cruise, there will be a short stop for those who want to take a dip in the warm Mediterranean waters.

· Amazing DJs – Highly trained DJs from Ibiza keep the party going hard by pumping the hottest tunes from top-of-the-line onboard sound systems.

· Open Bar – Party as hard as you want at the yacht’s bar, free of charge.

· Drinking Games – Amp up the “fun” aspect of the party by participating in the wild and hyper-social drinking games the crew has devised.

· Chilling Out – If drinking games are not your style or if you are tired from being so active, grab a seat on the yacht’s top-deck sunbathing area to soak in some rays.

· Free Gifts – Get free Sunset Booze Cruise Magaluf shirts and other free gifts onboard.

· Picturesque Views – The panoramic view of the orange sun setting into the Mediterranean Sea wouldn’t be out of place on a postcard. If that’s not romantic, we don’t know what is.

· Afterparty at MCP – After the cruise is over and everyone has gotten ample opportunity to know each other, the partiers will descend into the biggest and most cutting-edge night club on the island. In fact, MCP Planet Dance has regularly been voted to be one of the top 10 clubs on earth.

No Magaluf holiday would be truly complete without the Sunset Booze Cruise, so brace yourself for the time of your life and buy your tickets from Magaluf Events today.

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