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What You Get With the Rolling Stoned MCP Bar Crawl

Welcome to the hottest and most all-inclusive party on the streets of Magaluf. The Rolling Stoned MCP bar crawl will serve as a way to get you comfortable with the layout of Magaluf’s main strip, get wild with new people, and become part of a huge party group, all while enjoying insane drinking games and a series of free gifts and giveaways. Each of the fantastic bars you will visit on the crawl treats you to a complimentary specialty shot, mixed up by the bartender exclusively for Rolling Stoned partiers. The bars visited are some of Magaluf’s most popular and central locations, and you will no doubt be awed by their widely-known DJs and their cutting-edge party gear. Best of all, the anonymity provided by the huge group you will be a member of allows you to completely cut loose and be yourself while losing yourself in the surrounding bright lights and thumping bass.

Those bars and free shots, though, are only a pregame for the crawl’s final destination, MCP Planet Dance. MCP is regularly voted to be one of the top five clubs on Earth, and it lives up to that reputation every night. It houses 15 bars, all of which will be completely free during the 6 hours you spend at MCP at the end of the crawl. It holds over 5,000 partiers, ensuring that you will never run out of new people to meet. The DJs it hosts, such as Calvin Harris and Afrojack, are known throughout the world. And the specially themed parties it hosts every night during party season, like the glow paint party, the Megatron party, the jungle party, and the washing machine party, are fantastic ways to enhance the already mind-blowing party to levels that are unheard of in other parts of the world.

Last year, the 300 guys and 300 girls we brought with us on the Rolling Stoned Crawl filled the entire strip, and this year we want to be even bigger. Be a part of the effort and buy tickets for you and your friends. The public votes the crawl to be the #3 bar crawl in the world, and we at Magaluf Events guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with your experience. You get the best price if you book online in advance, so don’t hesitate.

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