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Magaluf Things To Do For 2019

Magaluf isn't all about drinking! Ok, well it is but there are plenty of other things to do out here which are a little kinder to your liver! Whether it's done daytime fun to get you out of the overwhelming heat for a bit, or something for the evening to mix up the holiday a bit! Magaluf genuinely has it all... You're certainly not going to be stuck for things to do!

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If you speak to anybody who has been the one thing they will all say is that this show is a must! Recently voted the third best show in the world behind the likes of cirque de sole just gives you a taster of what to expect.

Pirates in Magaluf it's so much more than a show, at the heart of Pirates Reloaded are astounding visuals with a rasping carnival atmosphere! Throw in some daredevil acrobatics and fire breathing to circus acts that need to be seen to be believed. There is also a comedic twist to this show which will have you rolling in the isles! The purpose built theatre just on the outskirts of Magaluf is jam packed every night, even with its colossal eight hundred people capacity; so ensure you book well in advance,

To help your night go with a Bang in true Magaluf style these guys throw in a free bar for the entire night, unlimited pirates punch which apart from putting hairs on your chest will give you a massive hangover, so chug away with caution!

If you’re celebrating a stag/hen or birthday whilst you’re on the island then why not treat yourselves to a seat at the Captain’s Table? You’ll be treated like the VIPs that you are undoubtedly are, with complimentary Cava and a chance to meet the cast. Not to mention the best seats in the house for the hottest ticket in town.

As the saying goes.... Always be yourself. Unless you can be a pirate. In that case be a pirate!!!

Tip: Get there early, due to its popularity the queues can be lengthy, first in the queue usually grab the best seats! Use your Revolution-VIP Wristband to secure up to 15% off standard and VIP tickets when purchased through the ABCA tour shop round the corner from the theatre.

magalufevents Kart

One of Magalufs most popular day time activities..
Especially with the lads!

Reaching speeds of us to 60km around the scaled down Silverstone track you may need to grab yourselves a clean pair of undies after the race is done!

This is the perfect get together for the lads, for anyone with a competitive streak it's hard to not put your mates to the test and race is out of nine adrenaline charged laps.

Tip: Try and head down there at late afternoon when the temperature has dropped a little, the racing suits can get a leave you a little hot under the collar. Make sure you show your Revolution-VIP wristband on arrival to secure some free extra laps!

katmandupark magaluf

Wow, where do you start!? This gigantic upside down house is the most famous landmark in the whole of Magaluf!

Spinning through time and imagination, take the crazy Journey on foot through an unexpected world filled top to bottom with interactive experiences, illusions and all things fun! Lose yourself in an icy mirror maze, survive a shark attack, navigate a spinning color tunnel, help a musical enchanted forest come to life, play life-size games, thrill to mechanical marvels and dare to enter the icy cave where you’ll come face-to-face with the Great yeti. It's time to experience Endless fun where the imaginary becomes reality. Ready to step inside?

Kathmandu Expedition Golf

Magalufs craziest golf course just got a whole load more crazy! Choose from the mythical worlds of fire or ice in these two unique mini-golf courses that even include an erupting volcano. Put your putting skills to the test and bet your friends to who will be end the course victorious. as you trek through fabled lands. Depending on the hangover Choose from 18- or 36-holes.

Kathmandu Magaluf Asylum

The legend goes that in time travel gone wrong a sinister being and his haunted asylum came back to Katmandu. This attraction is in-your-face terror! From a flock of menacing blackbirds intent on pecking your eyes out, to headless spirits that wish to pull you into their nightmares, to an army of giant crawling bugs at your feet—you can’t escape. This disturbing interactive experience will take you on a spine-tingling ride through a 5D horror film that is not for the faint-hearted

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