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Sunset Booze Cruise Reviews Slider

Magaluf Sunset Booze Cruise Reviews

Tabi Jasicki

Tobi Jasicki


@sunsetbcruise- you have made my summer fuckin unreal by having me as your rep! This is the craziest boat party around people! Get involved! You will love it!"


Lucy Cowie


naughty girls behaving badly on sunset booze cruise! If you're gonna do a magaluf booze cruise! Make sure you pick sunset! Fit lads, free bar, great DJ's. Bloody loved it!


Dione Jackson


getting absolutely mashed on sunset booze cruise! Never been so wrecked in my life! Hahah this is the best boat party I've ever done, don't try having sex in the sea though!


Nemo hatton


what can you say about this magaluf boat party- the DJ is incredible... The crowed were so up for it as soon as we left the pier... 300 people having the time of their lives - great memories made!


Danny Birch


Met some absolutely wicked people on the magaluf boat party today.... Never thought I would see so many crazy people on one booze cruise. Days been amazing- good work guys


Leonie Hughes


Ok so we are burnt to a crisp, pissed as fuck, snogged far too many boys, lost our flip flops but what can we say- Sunset Booze Cruise is the best thing we've done all holiday, it's fucking mental


Kate Arlean


oh my god! sunset booze cruise - you were absolutely unreal! Best day of our holiday by a mile! Wish we could do it all again, it was class!!!

Rachel Goodall

Rachel Goodall


sunset booze cruise is absolutely amazing! Did not want today to end, hangover is gonna be insane tomorrow, p.s how do I get rid of a love bite quickly! maga 2016 - we love you!


Lucy Harper


naughty naughty naughty magaluf booze cruise! Sunset it better be true that what happens on the boat stays on the boat. Loved today- make sure you go on this boat party, best thing in Maga


Kate Hukerby


Absolute brilliant day in the Mediterranean on the very cheeky sunset booze cruise! Me and the girls have never laughed so much in one day. Definitely do not miss this if youre coming to maga- this & full moon absolutely rock!


Charlie Western


Essex girls giving it large on the no.1 boat party in magaluf! sunset booze cruise is absolutely mad, if you're here for a piss up then make sure you get your tickets. Cheers sunset you've made our holiday, and Kate finally pulled hahaha


Chloe Broom


Sunset. It's your favourite welsh girls here - thanks for today...Topped off an amazing holiday in Magaluf. Would recommend this to absolutely anyone coming to #magaluf this summer shame the photos are toonaughty to show our parents lol

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