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10 Tips & Hints for maximising your day on Sunset Booze Cruise
Sunset Booze Cruise Party Magaluf

Ten Tips and Hints for Magaluf Sunset Booze Cruise

Summer 2019 is round the corner-

you're sick of the UK, listening to Brenda at work moan about her bad back, all you wanna do is book a holiday and get your arse to magaluf! You wanna tan in the sun, drink cocktails called sex on the beach, slippery nipple and HedFucker... and then book an unbelievable boat party! We hear you!      

Here is our run down on everything you need to do to make sure that your Magaluf boat party is the best day of your holiday!

Boat Party

1. Firstly and most importantly you pick the right Magaluf boat party!!

It's as simple as this- there are only two boat parties to choose from in Magaluf. You have the biggest and by far the most popular one on the island which is called Sunset Booze Cruise, you then have a much smaller one called Magaluf booze cruise.... so what's the difference we hear you ask?

Magaluf booze cruise is much smaller in terms of the size of the boat and how many party people you will have on board with you... the magaluf booze cruise can hold up to 130 people maximum, you do get given a few free drink tokens but after that you will have to pay for all of your drinks and shots which ends up being very expensive. This boat has a relaxed area at the back where you can lay down which some people enjoy...

Both of these Boat Parties are £50.

Here at we only sell Sunset Booze Cruise, always have and always will. We don't have anything against other boats we just like giving our customers the best that is available. Sunset booze cruise has been voted the no.1 boat party in Magaluf for 8 years running, and it has been for a reason! VIP option onboard for another £9 is a great option for those who like the high life, private booth, queue jump, bottle of chilled champagne each and an hours free bar at the ShipWrecked after party!

bikini thumbnail

2. Get your clobber right!

magaluf boat party guests

Girls, yes we are talking to you! Out there in the middle of the ocean the sun is three times hotter than it is when you are sitting at the pool! We've seen girls strut on board wearing things that Kate winslet would wear to the Oscars! Strip it back, bikinis and easy on the heavy make up! Don't forget when we have the champagne spray it does have a tendency to go everywhere!

swimming thumbnail

3. If ya can't swim- don't get in!

I left my boyfriend in england

Ok so exactly half way through the Magaluf boat party the DJ is gonna tell you to all jump in the crystal blue Mediterranean waters by the secluded dolphin bay. This is not a paddling pool it's the bloody sea and you've just drank a gallon of sex on the beach cocktail! Also please don't be a melon and let the alcohol tell you that you are Micheal phelps and can swim all the way to ibiza Like some muppet did last summer!

camera thumbnail

4. Your boyfriend is watching!!!

single on sunset booze cruise

The Saying for Sunset Booze Cruise goes, Everyone on board is single, even those who aren't! Now if you do decide you are gonna be snogging a random make sure you don't do it when the Booze Cruise goes 'Facebook Live' there you were thinking you're in the middle of the ocean who is gonna see you here!? Well we had just half a million views last year- and yes one lad did spot his GF with another lad! Bless him, he even wrote Sunset Booze Cruise a lengthy e-mail saying they were to blame for them splitting up!! Lol

the boat waits for no man! (or lady!)

5. The boat waits for no man! (or woman!)

Magaluf Linekers bar

Please please please be on time! There is always a huge pre-party at Linekers bar before the boat party starts, the seller will tell you what time both the pre-party starts and what time the boat leaves. You having a tactical poo, or uploading photographs on Instagram (possibly whilst you're having a poo) are not valid excuses for being late!

man holding two beers

6. The day is marathon, not a sprint!

Down vodka on the Booze Cruize

Actually it's not a marathon, it's a Magaluf boat party, but you know what we mean! From the moment you arrive at the pre-party our reps will be giving out free apple sours, sambuca, aftershock and skittle vodka! Now I'll be honest people have not actually made in on the booze cruise because they have got too drunk at the one hour long pre-party! Pace yourselves! We want to see you all at the Shipwrecked after party!!

You don't have to be famous too be VIP!

7. You don't have to be famous to be VIP!

300 people on a crazy magaluf boat party means the free bar can get busy at times, space can get a bit tight, and the ShipWrecked after party is usual drink prices! pay an extra £9- yep that's it just £9! And get your own booth for you and your squad, a bottle of champagne each and another UNLIMITED FREE bar at the Shipwrecked after party! They may even roll the red carpet out for you! #WeAreVIP

The Lobster look is not a good look!

8. The Lobster look is not a good look!

We don't want to sound like your mum but get some sun protective oil on! Get someone from the opposite sex to rub it all over your body for you if you must- just get it on! The sun is absolutely boiling in the middle of the med and you're out in the sun for a good two and a half hours!

Learn your left from your right!

9. Learn your left from your right!

Downing Drink on sunset booze cruise

Ok so we are not supposed to tell you this but the DJ will turn it up a notch on the booze cruise when he loudly screams anyone caught drinking with their right hand will be made to down it! Now you thought peer pressure was bad at school when the cool group made you try a fag, now when you are on a Magaluf booze cruise try saying no when 299 other people are screaming 'down it, down it' in your face! Trust us- you WILL down that cocktail! Start practicing your left hand drinking now! Lol

10. Having sex in the sea is bloody difficult!

Now we have seen more hook ups on a magaluf boat party that Hugh Hefner has seen at his playboy mansion! Now the difference being here that old Hugh has plenty of beds, a magaluf booze cruise has zero of these! So yeah jump in the sea! Now having sex in the middle of the ocean, with possible jelly fish around, 298 other people watching and the DJ giving live commentary on your performance may be your thing! But it probably isn't! How about you just wait till you get back to your hotel room eh!?

Oh and one more rule just so we are clear!!!

This is a magaluf booze cruise NOT a magaluf snooze cruise! This has all the ingredients to be the best day of your holiday! If anyone is caught being a miserable shit

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