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Top Hints and Tips for Western Water Park

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1. Make the most of the day!

pizza lilo tips

You can head down to the western waterpark whenever you're ready but to make the most of your day head down their for midday! The sun is shining, and it's a great day to get your tan in! Chances are if you're anything like us you've sent most of your days in bed nursing a hangover! Shake it up for a change and get your sorry arse outta bed!

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2.Bring some spending money!

t-shirt shop

For a Magaluf waterpark their is loads of little souvineer shops! They also have a great photo service where you can get great squad photos printed out and framed!

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3.Take a pack up!

crisp packet

As with all waterpark many you will notice the food and drinks there can be very expensive- burger and chips with a soft drink can teach well up to twelve euros! Head to the shops before hand and stock up on sandwiches, crisps, chocolate and some fizzy drinks... it will save you a fortune in the long run!

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4.Grab a locker!


Make sure you take a handful of coins for a locker for all your personal belongings! Well you can't take your iPhone and Michael kors hannah shopping with you can you!

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5.Get stamped!

stamp on wrist magaluf

If you've left something back at the hotel or need to leave the western waterpark for something to eat etc make sure you get a stamp from the reception area to ensure you can get get back into the waterpark without having to pay again!

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6.Pace yourself!

pool party

Don't forget the climax of the day is the pool party which starts at 18.00- here you will have full access to all the slides, jacuzzis and all other attractions exclusively to yourself.

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7.Take your suncream!

Sunbathing on pool

Although there are plenty of shaded areas at the western water park it really is a massive sun trap! Great for getting those bodies tanned but remember you're gonna be exposed to the sun for a long time- and sunburn is not a sexy look!!

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8.Wardrobe change!

Women with towel

Take a baggy t-shirt or sarong with you and a dry towel! The western waterpark is a long walk away from the majority of the hotels here in Magaluf. There is a large taxi rank directly outside which will take you back to your hotel for around five euros! However if your soaking wet and not sitting on a dry towel they will make you walk back!

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9.Beat the Germans!

reserved sunlounger

Although you will spend most of your time in the pool and on the slides you will still need a base to chill out and do some serious sunbathing! One of the only downfalls about the western waterpark in Magaluf is that there unfortunately is a paucity of sun loungers available. We all know the Germans are famous for getting their early and claiming their territory with the sun loungers! So make sure you get their early and get your towels down quickly!

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