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Magaluf White Party Hints and Tips

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1. Be Bright, Bring White!

cloths tip

Everyone has got something white in the wardrobe that's will look great at the White Party in Magaluf! Make sure you pack it for this incredible event- buying white clothes in Maga not easy!

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2. Pre-Party Bubbles!

drink tip

Free champagne someone say- then say no more! We'll be there! Make sure you hit the pre-parties to top up on some free bible and shots before the main event kicks off!!

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3. Pace yourself for the FREE bar!

cocktail tip

It's easy to fly out of the blocks and go at 100mph especially at the pre party! Remember though the Magaluf white party is a marathon not a sprint... you've got a five hour FREE bar waiting for you where we will politely tell you to go absolutely mental! :) :)

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4. Don’t lose your FREE BAR wristband!

wristband tip

Think of this as your golden ticket to Willy Wonkers chocolate factory! We've all got the sensible one in the group who doubles up as the Magaluf mum! You know- the one who makes sure the hotel doors and windows are locked and who taps you on the shoulder when you're about to go home and have a one night stand with a 2/10!! Give them your wristbands. To look after till you get to the white party...

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5. Don’t over accessorise!

brush tip

The white party in Magaluf is by far the most sexy and glam night in the island! Get your white party gear on and leave the rest to our Ibiza trained make up wizards! At the White Party they will paint you up and accessorise you with everything you need! Oh and did we mention this was for free!

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6. Drinking games - Free Booze!

game tip

Long gone are the days in Magaluf where a drinking game would see you lose half your clothes whilst performing a sex act with a mars bar!! Now it's much more fun, with boys vs girls drinking races! Get involved- you're on holiday for gods sake!

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7. Remember the glitteratzi are in town!

camera tip

This is the one night where you get to dress to impress! Our incredible photographers will be snapping you and your pals all night, all HD photography from the Magaluf white party is available to you free of charge!

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8. Just follow the Reps!

shot tip

Things get pretty crazy at the White Party in magaluf so just keep an eye on the reps when they are moving everyone from the bars to the white party! Oh and the reps are always pouring free shots all night- so don't let them out of your sight!! Lol

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