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10 Tips & Hints for maximising your Ultimate Package
Ultimate Package Magaluf

Ten Tips and Hints for Ultimate Package

Magaluf is officially the party capital of Spain

- So if you're here to party hard, do what over 90% of people do when they land in Magaluf - And that is the £99 Ultimate Package      

What's great about the Ultimate Package is it has all of Magaluf's most popular events spread over one incredible week so you will not miss one piece of the action!

With three unbelievable night events and 3 crazy day events the party never stops! And don't forget we Include an unlimited free bar on three of the events, with discounted drinks on all of the others!

So join us this summer on Magalufs biggest Event package- we guarantee it will be a week you will never ever forget!!

Contact Our Reps

1. When your buying your Magaluf events package always feel free to contact one of the Magaluf events reps with any questions you have.

They are always there to help your holiday goes as smooth as possible and you have an amazing time on your holiday. They can be reached via WhatsApp, phone or e-mail. Also if you're in Magaluf pop into one of their two shops located centrally (on the Magaluf strip/ and one by Pizza Hut next to the Magaluf beach) there will always be a friendly rep there to assist you.

Lots of people always ask if they can buy the Magaluf Ultimate Package when they arrive in Magaluf instead of reserving online. We are only able to offer the fantastic £99 price for those that purchase online. There are a number of commissions and tourism taxes that need to be paid when you buy any event over here in Magaluf- this unfortunately raises the price considerably. As you can see from the savings calculator, buying the ultimate package online will save you over €100 - now that's a lot of money that can be spent of getting drunk and having a great time. Lol

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2. Always try and be on time for the events

The £99 Ultimate Package is the most popular events package here in Magaluf and has been for years. Every event will have up to 1000 party people in attendance. By arriving on time it ensures that we can collect your tickets and get you on the event and get the free bar flowing!

ticket thumbnail

3. Make sure you bring your tickets!

We all have the one member in our group who is more responsible than the rest of us put together! Designate them the important role of looking after the groups tickets! It's important that you bring these to each event meeting point. We can always issue you new event tickets if you lose them when in Magaluf, but it can be time consuming so try and guard them with your life

drinking thumbnail

4. Pace yourslef with the 'free all inclusive' bars that are included on the events.

Down vodka on the Booze Cruize

The alcohol here in Magaluf is extremely strong and the measures are much larger than what you are used to in the U.K.! You can go from sober to completely hammered in about two seconds. Lol.

Try to pace yourself to ensure you make the most of it!


Pace yourself!

5. Pace yourself with the 'free all inclusive' bars that are included on the events.

I left my boyfriend in england

When In Magaluf sit down with your squad and plan which days and which nights you are going to do which events. I.e Check out the weather and make sure you do Sunset Booze Cruise on a nice sunny day. Don't turn up for the Radio one pool party the day after you've done the MCP paint party- that's no fun with a stinking hangover. You have great flexibility on when you decide to do which event but it's also great to plan it with one of the Magaluf Events Reps, they have loads of experience and are always happy to help.

man holding two beers

6. Beware of the Hotel Reps!

Hotel Reps

These little buggers will try and sell you all sorts of rubbish trips and events as soon as you walk into the hotel! They an be very demanding and will do anything to prize your money out of your hands. We have had instances where they have told our guests that the ultimate package is not real and to buy theirs instead. Just be polite and tell them you have already bought all of your events online.

You don't have to be famous too be VIP!

7. Make the most of your Revolution-VIP band

Revolution VIP Wristband

Included with the £99 ultimate package comes the incredible 'Revolution-VIP wristband' make sure you slap this on your wrist as soon as possible and start reeling in the benefits and VIP treatment that it brings. The Magaluf wristband will get you loads of juicy offers, discounts and VIP upgrades in the Magaluf bars, Magaluf strip and even some cheeky queue jumps for the clubs as well. You will save an absolute fortune when you're out and about in the Magaluf.

The Lobster look is not a good look!

8. Read the information sheet that's included in your welcome pack along with your tickets.

You will find loads of information about each event- such as meeting places and times. It will also inform you of any little extras we recommend you should bring to each event, such as a towel for the booze cruise, white clothes for the white party and sunscreen for the Radio One pool party!

Learn your left from your right!

9. Familiarize yourself with where the meeting points are for each event.

Downing Drink on sunset booze cruise

Whats great about the Magaluf £99 ultimate package is that all of the meeting points for each event are all very centrally located in the heart of Magaluf. Everywhere is well within a five to ten minute walking distance from any hotel in Magaluf. But if you're running late for an event, frantically searching for the meeting point is not ideal. So just have a walk round Magaluf when you first arrive ad familiarize yourself with the resort. Alternatively you can always drop us a message in the helpline, the reps will always be able to point you in the right direction.

10. Complete online booking form!

When booking the Magaluf Ultimate Package online always include the names of everyone who is in your group. This makes life much easier for us when organizing your group tickets for all the events. It always means we can ensure that we get you and all your friends on the same event.

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