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How Much Shall I Take To Magaluf

Magaluf alongside Ibiza has been the top holiday destination for the past ten years - And its not slowing down! Unrivalled beautiful beaches, scorching hot climate, world class nightclubs - what more could you want for an escape from the UK.

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How Much Magaluf

Everyone who comes to magaluf worries about whether they have brought enough spending money for the week.

You will have heard rumours about Magaluf being dirt cheap and also in the same breath about it being ridiculously expensive. Well the truth is it can be as cheap or expensive as you like. If you act like a baller, drink top shelf spirits, want to go to the top clubs, see the best DJ's, plan to do excursions, eat in restaurants then you will easily be looking at a hundred and fifty euros a day. If you plan on doing lots of Pre drinking, not clubbing, drinking cheap lager and living on pot noodles that your mum has packed in your luggage - then you'll still be looking at around sixty euros daily.

We recommend everyone buys a Revolution-VIP wristband before they arrive to Magaluf. These are huge in Magaluf and over Twenty Thousand were sold last year... They let you act like the baller but without you rinsing the overdraft. Just flash the wristband everywhere you go and you will be able to get everything from- free club entry, queue jumps, One Euro Drinks in the best bars and generally huge discounts off pretty much everything! The money you will save on one round of drinks will be the price of the wristband.... Bought in resort they cost Forty euros. But those friendly people at Revolution-VIP Wristbands have given us 5000 early bird wristbands at a Cheap promotional price. Imagine being able to buy Smirnoff and Red bull, Cocktails, Shots, Jäger bombs and hot cooked meals for under a pound! Now you can see why they are so popular! In their own words 'Party Like A Rockstar, spend like a Student'

The Festival-type wristbands for this season look great as well and are a nice little reminder of your crazy holiday in Magaluf