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More Information on Magaluf for 2018

Magaluf alongside Ibiza has been the top holiday destination for the past ten years - And its not slowing down! Unrivalled beautiful beaches, scorching hot climate, world class nightclubs - what more could you want for an escape from the UK.

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If you love your ink then Magaluf is a dream for you. There are 24 tattoo parlours in Magaluf, most of which are open until sunrise, you would find it difficult to find a Magaluf worker without a tattoo, trust us!

Nearly everybody traveling to Maga on holiday will be tempted by a tattoo or a piercing, some of you will have thought about it before your Airplane lands, others will start thinking about it after 9 Jagerbombs! Be warned though; these tattoo artists will have no qualms in providing you with any tattoo you ask for when drunk and will take no responsibility for it whilst your sober!

The cost of tattoos are a similar price to that in the UK, you can expect to pay 50 euros for a small tattoo, however if you are a Revolution-VIP wristband you will save 70% and can receive a small tattoo for just 20 euros! little further you will find some real little gems here in Magaluf.

travel insurance

Don't even think about even coming to Magaluf without this- a lot of bank accounts now come with inclusive travel insurance so check your policy before you fork out on any cover.

Unfortunately with copious alcohol, crazy mopeds flying around and partying on Balconies accidents will invariably happen. Jump on the comparison websites and find some quality cover with a low excess. Apply online for your E111 card which will give you free cover in the hospital in Palma Nova which is a five minute drive from the centre of Magaluf. Local clinics for lesser emergencies are scattered around the resort and are open twenty four hours a day. The emergency services line is 911 here in Mallorca.

Things to watch out for! Firstly be aware of rouge sellers on the streets. Although many of them will be selling genuine events, May of them won't be! Once you have handed over your money there will be no way of getting it back should you need to cancel the trip or if the event turns out to be fake. Always buy from sites such as these, where you have guaranteed protection. Alternatively if you are in resort use one of the Excursion Shops to buy your events. There are about ten in Magaluf altogether and give you that extra piece of mind when buying yours.

about the resort

Magaluf isn't a huge resort, walking from one end to the other will take you no more than fifteen minutes.

Quad hire, need a full drivers licence. Car hire is 21- head down to Ecus for 15% discount on all rentals with your Revolution-VIP Wristband. Bus service will cost you €2.90 to go to Santa Ponsa and around €3.50 to Palma. Taxis are everywhere in Magaluf, if the green light is flashing then it's vacant.