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Magaluf Nightlife Scene | Magaluf Events 2019
Magaluf Nightlife header 2019

Beautiful beaches - got em!

Incredible restaurants, yep!

Scorching sunshine.... every day!

Come on, we know why we are all here- let’s get down to business and discuss the world class Magaluf Nightlife!

The Magaluf nightlife is never far from the media spotlight; its crazy, it’s wild, it’s X-Rated- let’s be honest here, Magaluf Nightlife is like nowhere else on the planet!

We all know about the Famous Magaluf strip, and it’s avalanche of crazy Magaluf Bars and Magaluf clubs that have been instrumental in the success of the Magaluf nightlife scene! But what else is new.... it’s fair to say Magaluf 2019 is moving with the times....

Last summer saw the Magaluf Square, (just literally a stones throw from the Magaluf strip) reopen with the loudest of bangs! Formerly the BCM square the Magaluf square was the official home of the World Cup! With a cluster of bars opening up in the square, such as the legendary Peaky Blinders Tavern, Coyotes and the new house club-Warehouse, the square gave the Magaluf Nightlife scene a massive kick up the arse. With the closure of BCM nightclub a swift boot up the backside is what it rightfully needed!!

The Magaluf Square also proved home to the brilliant new Amnezia Bar Blitz! Over 600 party people packed into the square twice a week with unlimited free shots- it’s fair to say things got pretty messy!

Magaluf Peeky Blinders Bar

This summer is also gonna see the Magaluf Square team bring you something new and unprecedented to the tried and tested Magaluf Nightlife scene!

Magaluf Nightlife Girls 2019

Coyote ugly bar is being divided up to bring us the biggest Bier Keller in the Balearics! Hundreds of diversifying crafts beers from across the globe all under one roof! If you’ve ever been to Oktoberfest then you’ll know what to expect, and with these guys at the healm, we know it will be a huge success...

Zeplins Bar was also a new magaluf bar which got everyone talking at the end of last summer and is set to soar higher in Magaluf 2019!

Live Music was something the Magaluf Nightlife scene was sorely lacking- as the general consensus in all the Magaluf Bars and Magaluf Clubs is the repetative barrage of commercial music! Zeplins was perfect for

That ‘suns out, guns out’ Sunday session, koppaberg and Peroni flowing and some acoustic indie classics! It’s what Sunday’s were made for!

Magaluf Nightlife Zepplins Club 2019

As for the club scene in the Magaluf Nightlife MCP really took over the reigns with BCM unexpectedly closing down... their paint parties, foam parties and celebrity/ DJ club nights were the talk of the Magaluf Nightlife this summer, and this year promises to be even bigger! MCP run the whole of the Magaluf Club scene on the Magaluf strip so you’ll be sure to have plenty of ‘oh shit its daylight’ moments as you stumble out of their myriad of Magaluf club venues....

Big shout out also to the new Magaluf Club rooftop venue ‘Empire’ which brings something new and unparalleled to the Magaluf Nightlife scene! Panoramic views over magaluf beach one side and the Magaluf strip make this a must-go for Magaluf 2019! This place wasalso the official ‘white Party’ after party! These nights were epic! But with all the free champagne those guys give away on that night it was to be expected!!!

Magaluf Nightlife <a href=Full Moon girls" />

Oceans beach club, home of the incredible Full Moon Party, is also set for huge changes this summer, converting the covered bar area next to Mambos into a new late bar. The creme da la creme of DJ’s have already signed up for residency spots there- so we know it’s gonna be a great new addition to the Magaluf Nightlife scene! More news on this to follow!

For what other Magaluf bars and Magaluf clubs you can expect to be drunkenly lured into down the magaluf strip check out the Magaluf 2019 guide at the top of the menu bar!

See you all in the summer!!

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