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Magaluf Events Guide for 2024

Magaluf alongside Ibiza has been the top holiday destination for the past ten years - And its not slowing down! Unrivalled beautiful beaches, scorching hot climate, world class nightclubs - what more could you want for an escape from the UK.

Magaluf Nightlife

Bars In Magaluf Nightlife

Magaluf’s night life is notorious! nowhere, and we do mean nowhere has a party reputation like Magaluf - and we're proud of that! The Puenta Baena or the Strip as its better known is simply half a mile of pure carnage! Over Fifty bars, Five nightclubs, four tattoo shops, a bungee ball... Oh and a KFC! Check out our guide on bars and clubs in Magaluf.


magaluf ocean beach

Crystals Bar

Crystals bar provides the ultimate party atmosphere at the bottom of the Magaluf strip. The experienced DJ’s provide all of your chart music to keep you dancing until 4am! It is a firm favourite amongst the tourists of Magaluf!The newly refurbished outdoor bar has added a new dimension to Crystals bar, people can now sit outside if they wish to cool down from the Booths with bottle service are also available to those celebrating special occasions.

TOP TIP: VIP Booths + Bottle service is available to those who want the VIP edge.

Open Daily from 12pm until 4am

Panama Jacks

Panama Jacks is situated directly opposite BCM Planet Dance. It is one of the busiest bars in Magaluf, it caters for all nationalities. It tends to be the first bar for anybody staying at the BH Mallorca Hotel or the Magaluf Playa hotel as its conveniently placed on the doorstep. Expect experienced Magaluf DJ’s to be witty on the mic, and play the party game.

TOP TIP: Great place to go if you fancy a night off the Magaluf strip, or before heading to BCM

Open daily 8pm-4am.

magaluf ocean beach
magaluf linekersbar

Alexs Lounge

Alexs Lounge Alexs Lounge is situated in between Mambos and Oceans Beach Club, in a path between the beach and the Magaluf strip, you may recognise the path from The Inbetweeners movie which was filmed here. Alexs Lounge is a bar favoured by workers and tourists alike, there is a fun party atmosphere, the music is less commercial than in other Magaluf bars. The resident DJ Craig Crompton lays down deep house to set the mood. The spacious bar offers pool tables and seating areas for those who wish to chill out, and floor space for those who wish to shuffle!

TOP TIP: Try not to fall down the steps as they are very steep!

Open Daily from 12pm until 4am

Linekers Bar

The world famous Linekers bar needs no introduction. A great place to start before you unleash yourself on the Magaluf strip. The bar is always heaving for many reasons- Firstly, there is no better sports bar on the island with it being the number 1 place to watch the football on the giant screens. This is one of the best bars in Magaluf to party the nigh away. This bar also sells Shisha and offers some of the best Shisha on the island.

TOP TIP: Try the Grape flavour Shisha- Pure Bliss!

from 11.30am until 2am

magaluf ocean beach
magaluf mambos

Alexs RnB Bar

Alexs RnB BarIf you love RnB Music, then this bar is the bar for you! Alex’s RnB is one of the most popular bars in Magaluf, it is guaranteed to be busy until closing at 4am. It is the only designated RnB bar in Magaluf and tourists come back night upon night. Dela Crem is the resident DJ, and is considered one of the best DJ talents in Mallorca by both tourists and the locals.

TOP TIP: Get there early as this is one of the busiest bars on the island!

Open Daily from 12pm until 4am

Alexs Indie Bar

Alexs Indie bar is a firm favourite amongst holiday makers and workers, situated opposite Alexs RnB Resident DJ Slatts keeps the place rocking until 4am. Expect music from the likes of Oasis, Stone roses and Kasabian. The bar itself is small which adds to the ambience and party atmosphere.

TOP TIP: Ask DJ Slatts for a song request, he has an unbelievable library of Indie Music.

Opening hours until 12pm-4am.

magaluf ocean beach
magaluf mulligans

Red lion...

Red lion...Still Magaluf’s most popular night time bar, great location, great sun terrace and great party music... Mixing chart and all time classics, great atmosphere for the sporting events. The vibe of this place is party.... Residents DJ Pope and Bret are the best in the business at getting this place to rock! Think Boys and girls on podiums, Think drinking games. Think outrageous fun filled drinking behaviour. We can't let this bar slip by without mentioning the world famous Benji! We don't want to give too much away but this guy will give you a never before seen view of Magaluf…

TOP TIP: Ask Benji to Bench Press somebody in your group.

Open Daily from 12pm until 4am


The last bar on the strip.... (Or the first... depends which way you’re walking) one of Magaluf’s oldest and established bars and a firm favourite with all of the Islands Bar crawls. Has the feel of a pub you'd find back home but with the atmosphere of top notch bar. Make sure you indulge in one of their potent cocktails - guaranteed to leave you flat on your back by the end of the night. Make sure you try and visit all the bars down the strip as each one offers something different….

TOP TIP: Great place to start the night.

Opening hours until 12pm-4am.

magaluf ocean beach
magaluf jackdanielpub

Stereo Bar

This place looks like it's been plucked out of a cosmopolitan city in the UK to revamp Magaluf. Sophisticated and Stunningly eye-catching. Beautifully decorated, with a huge outdoor seating area. This bar only opened 2 years ago and is already establishing itself as the most talked about bar on the island. This is the first bar on the strip and a great place to start your night before you stumble up the hill!

TOP TIP: Its a perfect spot to share a Shisha with your friends

Open Daily from 11am until 4am

Jack Daniels

This bars offers Great house music, bottle service, open wood-decked terrace, white leather seating.... its got that vibe which looks like its been plucked out of San Antonio bay in Ibiza. Must mention the great location too, with the back of the bar literally sprawling onto the beach.

TOP TIP: Great bar for a day session

Open daily from 8pm until 4am.

magaluf ocean beach
magaluf dreamspub


Capitol bar is a level above the Magaluf strip which makes it the perfect location to people watch. The bar plays a lot of commercial music and is always busy early on as people make their way up to the Magaluf clubs.

Open Daily from 8pm-4am.

Dreams Bar

Dreams Bar is situated around 5 minutes from the strip.If you are staying in the Martinique, the Don Juan or the HSM Atlantic Hotel it is on your door step, There is a relaxed atmosphere through the day where you can play pool, darts, relax on the terrace. For those that like a taste from back home you can enjoy a Traditional English Breakfast for as little as 3 Euros. In the evenings there is a DJ who plays the latest chart and commercial house but can cater for all with song requests. Dreams Bar is the perfect bar to watch live sports and has 12 Television screens.

TOP TIP: Get there early to watch live sports as the bar gets very busy!

Open Daily from 8pm-3am.

magaluf stero temple bar
magaluf Magalluf Rocks

Stereo temple

It's hard to believe only a few years ago this used to be a shop that just sold Lilos, beach towels and tacky vests!Fast forward to 2019 and this has to be Magaluf’s most spectacular looking bar, which isn't surprising with it being the sister bar of Stereo bar. Since opening in 2015 this Magaluf Bar has become a key player in the Magaluf nightlife!With its two floors it looks more like a Magaluf club. Amazing bespoke cocktail VIP booths, gorgeous bar staff all served from the opened terrace.. If you want to turn the night up a notch, get inside this Magaluf Bar where DJ mike Lorenzo will get the crowed pumping.The views from the top floor are stunning with it overlooking the spectacular Magaluf nightlife. If you're looking for something a little more sophisticated down the Magaluf strip then this is definitely the bar for you!

TOP TIP: Don't you dare leave this bar without trying one of their signature drinks.

Open from 12 midday till 4am

Magaluf Rocks

If you are staying at the top end of the Magaluf strip this will be your first big Magaluf Bar that you will come to.Inside you will always find a great atmosphere inside and is without doubt one of the most busiest bars Within the Magaluf nightlife. This bar is also renowned for its amazing drink deals, so if your plan is to get hammered on a budget make this one of your first port of calls!

TOP TIP: use this bar early on in your night for your pre-drinks before you head down the rest of the Magaluf strip.

Open 12.00- 4am

magaluf faces bar
magaluf dreamspub


Welcome to the newest bar on the strip- replicating the buzz of the Famous faces nightclub in Essex this is a real fresh and current bar which is a welcome relief from some of the older looking Magaluf bars.Faces bar has given the Magaluf nightlife a much needed boost. Although slightly smaller than the majority of the Magaluf bars what it lacks in size it definitely makes up for in atmosphere. What we love about this bar is the open outdoor terrace which is great if you wanna chill for a bit and do some people watching on the Magaluf strip!

TOP TIP: This Magaluf Bar is situated above the MCP club boomerangs. Grab a couple here before descending into the chaos of one of Magaluf club below.

Open from 19.00-04.00


This is one of Magaluf’s oldest bars but still remains one of the most popular on the Magaluf strip especially with the Magaluf workers.You will normally find an older crowed inside here and this is represented by the music which focuses more 80's and 90's classics! The drinks are immaculately made and they only use the top branded spirits, but be prepared to pay a little extra

TOP TIP: great little after party between 4-6am every night, where all the other bars in the Magaluf nightlife close at 4am This one goes on a little longer for all those still standing!

Open 19.00-06.00

magaluf eastenders bar
magaluf nomad shisha

Eastenders bar

A firm favourite within the Magaluf nightlife scene... although a couple of minutes walk from the main Magaluf strip this is still busy seven days a week. It's open throughout the day all the way through till the early hours of the morning. If you can't bear the thought of missing the football then head down as all the premiership games and internationals are shown here....This is also unique as it's the only karaoke bar in Magaluf, so if you can sing like Adele, or at least think you can when you're drunk make sure you pop in! The food is great here to, from fry ups to steak dinners.

TOP TIP: make sure you come on a Sunday for the roast carvery! Best in Magaluf by a mile- tastes just like home!

Open from 10.30-04.00

Nomad Shisha bar.

Very new to the Magaluf nightlife. This Magaluf Bar is Similar in respects to Eastenders bar in that it is a couple of minutes away from the Magaluf strip. Why we love this bar is the fact that it is a dedicated shisha bar with over 200 flavours! This bar is fantastic if you are looking for a more chilled out night away from the Magaluf strip with lots of other bars and small restaurants neighbouring it.

TOP TIP: try the tropical fruits flavoured Shisha.... it's incredible!

Open 16.00-04.00

Magaluf's biggest selling events for 2024

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Ultimate Package

Sunset Booze Cruise | MCP Paint Party | MCP Club Night | Full Moon Party | White Party | Amnesia Bar Blitz | Zoo Project |Pool Party | UK Reunion| VIP Wristband
event info here

Sunset Boat Cruise

Magaluf’s Biggest Boat Party by a mile! Bar onboard, 2 live DJ’s, CO2 cannons, 350 party people raving in the mediterranean!
event info here

Full moon party

Don't miss this Thailand style beach party! Fire breathers, Neon Paint!
event info here

White Party

Miami comes to Magaluf! Welcome to Magalufs only VIP night- be Instagram ready! Welcome champagne awaits
event info here

Amnezia Bar Blitz

Magalufs most wild night as we take over the crazy Maga strip!
event info here


The Ultimate Clubbers ticket to a week of pure clubbing paradise! SEVEN nights of SIX clubs! The holiday just went up a notch!
event info here

Pirates Magaluf

This show needs no introduction! Consistently rated amongst the top three shows in the world- it’s an adult themed night but with a unique twist!
event info here

MCP Foam Party

Magaluf Foam Parties are legendary! What happens in the foam stays in the foam! Do not miss this night!