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Magaluf alongside Ibiza has been the top holiday destination for the past ten years - And its not slowing down! Unrivalled beautiful beaches, scorching hot climate, world class nightclubs - what more could you want for an escape from the UK.

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Magaluf Beaches

Magaluf beaches 2019

First thing you need to do when you arrive in Magaluf 2019 is to establish whether you are you a pool or a beach person...

If its its the latter read on! The Magaluf beaches in South Mallorca stretch out for almost a mile and a half around the coast. Magaluf beach 2019 has everything.... for those of you who love your watersports

(we're talking jet skis here- not the weird sex stuff) then the pier that divides the beach is where everything takes place - Donuts, flying fish, banana boats and Jet Skis... this is also where Magaluf’s biggest boat party - Sunset Magaluf booze cruise 2019 sets off from.

Magaluf Ocean Beach

If you’re making a day of it, it might well be worth investing in a sun lounger for your magaluf beach 2019 day! these are typically priced at five euros each and you own them for the rest of the day. If you have any of those strange members in your group that like to sunbath in the shade... (I.e Gingers!) then you may want to invest in a paroasell as well, look to pay an extra five Euros on top

The sea is very safe and clean, beautiful crystal clear waters await you along the magaluf beach. Don't pay any attention to the stories about their being sharks in Magaluf 2019- this is all nonsense!

Pirates Magaluf Beach

Along by the Magaluf beaches there is plenty of cool places to grab some refreshments. Particular mentions go out to Magaluf Pirates Beach Bar with their amazing open grill restaurant and Cuban cocktail menu . If you're having one day to rest the liver this is the place to be, just soaking up the stunning halcyon beach views.

The magaluf beach will be scorching hot all the way through till 18.00- although don’t expect the sun to fully set on the beach till about 20.00. The open deck restaurants and bars that line the Magaluf beach promenade are still a-buzz and provide a relaxed alternative to the raucous madness of the strip with is in front of you.

It’s worth mentioning that the Magaluf beach 2019 is now strictly a no alcohol zone. A law which is enforced strictly by the local police. With the Magaluf strip about a fifteen second walk the beach does however always seem to be the unofficial after party - Now a quick word or warning if you fancy some late night skinny dipping or nocturnal al-fresco nookie with the person you've picked up from a bar- be careful- chances are whilst you two (or three... or four.... well it is Magaluf 2019 after all) are grinding away on the sand your wallets, phones and clothes will be stolen by those who wait for this type of activity every night. This makes for a very embarrassing walk home.

Naked In Magaluf Beach

There are a lot of beach sellers in magaluf meaning that you relaxing day of soaking up the sun and getting that golden tan will get interrupted numerous times by people trying to sell you dodgy Magaluf bar crawls, magaluf booze cruises and magaluf nightclub nights. Now we are not saying these are not genuine tickets and you are completely ripped off but these guys will increase the prices to gain more commission. They will also bend the truth about what is included in the magaluf event just to make it sound better than it actually is to push through a sale.

Our motto here at magaluf events is just to buy all your magaluf events tickets 2019 on a trusted website like ourselves or when in resort, go to one of the many trusted excursion shops that are dotted around. It's important you can always return to the place/ person/ website where you bought your magaluf event ticket and get a refund if necessary.

Along from Magaluf beach you have son mattahius beach and palma nova beach. These are both incredibly clean and beautifully kept beaches. We'd say you are more likely to find more families and young children on these beaches but also a lot less pushy ticket sellers!

Nude Magaluf Beach

Oh and a little birdie tells us there is nudist beach about five miles up the road in cap falcao! Oh well... whatever floats your boat!

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