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Nothing screams ‘Magaluf holiday’ more than a legendary Magaluf Foam Party!

Over at MCP, these guys have been Responsible for throwing the biggest and most talked Foam Parties in Magaluf for decades!

This summer they promise to be even more legendary than ever! It’s fair to say no true holiday to Magaluf is complete without attending one of the world famous MCP Magaluf Foam Parties! So don’t you dare miss it!

As soon as the chants of ‘We Want Foam, We Want Foam’ begins you know the fun is about to start! Are you ready for seven foot high towers of foam rocketed at you from our super foam cannons!? Sounds pretty epic huh?

The Magaluf Foam Party is a night of your Magaluf holiday that will live long in the memory! Do remember though, the foam gets very very high! Don’t say we didn’t warn you lol!

This night is just one of SEVEN events included in the £99 Ultimate Package this summer! This event is also available individually.

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MCP Foam Party
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Here at Magalufevents.com we simply love hearing your reviews about the MCP Magaluf Foam Party! It’s always been one of the most popular and widely enjoyed nights on the magaluf nightlife scene!

As a company it’s our job to ensure collecting your Magaluf Foam Party tickets is a doddle, whilst providing you with all the right info you need to have a great night.

Jump to the website Reviews.com to read hundreds of independent reviews about the Magaluf Events Company and the Magaluf Foam Party.

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The official venue for the MCP foam party is at MCP Carwash. This is located at the top of the Magaluf strip, next to Burger King. The doors for the Magaluf Foam Party open at 23.00 although the actual foam does not usually start until around 2am. Many people decide use their ticket to entry to the other MCP venues until the foam comes on, but that’s completely up to you!


On the night of the Magaluf Foam Party - Carwash Begins the Foam Party around 02:00am. Feel free to use your allocated Club Credit at one of any of the other MCP bars or clubs beforehand.

The Foam that is used has undergone cosmetic testing and are fully compliant with the new EU Cosmetic laws. All of the components within the Foam have passed the cosmetic safety assessment and are fully certified for use at all Magaluf Foam Parties.

It is held at the famous MCP Carwash Club- this is located right at the top of the Magaluf strip, next to Bananas club and Burger King.

The Foam is extremely safe and has no form of toxins or colouring. However, to be cautious we should state that we cant promise the foam won't affect certain types of delicate clothing materials. For this reason we would say maybe stay away from wearing your favourite designer clothes just in case. Definitely the one night of your holiday to let your hair down and dress casually,

Yes you can. The Foam Party Ticket will allow you ONE nights entrance to all the MCP Clubs. MCP Clubs include - Boomerangs, Carwash, Bananas, Tokio Joes, Honey's and Icon Bar. You will be given ONE Night of club credit in all of the above MCP Clubs + Queue Jump.

The MCP club credit can be used to exchange for drinks, food or official merchandise from the MCP club. Please note this is NOT a free/ all inclusive bar. Please drink responsibly.

Once your purchase is complete, please print off your e-ticket down to our main ticket shop and we will exchange it for an official MCP pass

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Step 1

Purchase the ticket online at Magalufevents.com, either paying the deposit or in full.

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Step 2

When you arrive in Magaluf head down to our ticket shop and collect your Foam Party night pass (and pay remaining balance if necessary)

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Step 3

Head down to MCP CARWASH and hand in your MCP Magaluf Foam Party Pass- you’ll then receive a Foam-Proof wristband. Now you have access to the venue & bar! All that left is for you to do is enjoy the Magaluf Foam Party!

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Step 4

Should you wish to enter any other MCP club BEFORE or AFTER the Magaluf Foam Party then just show your wristband at the door of any of the MCP clubs for FREE entry.

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HD Photography/ Bottle of welcome champagne/ and Rep Service all included.

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