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Magaluf Stories

Image of Magaluf Sunset Booze Cruise

Sunset Booze Cruise Again Voted no.1

Posted: 29th March 2017 by Taran Lewis.

Sunset Booze Cruise this month was voted the no.1 Event in Magaluf 2017 for the 8th year in a row! At Nuts magazine we thought we'd catch a flight to Magaluf, swing some free VIP tickets from www.magalufevents.com/Magaluf-Booze-Cruise

Image of Magaluf Beach

The Ultimate Magaluf Hotel Guide

Posted: 15th March 2017 by Tim Blake.

Magaluf boasts 35 hotels which cater for nearly one Million holiday makers who flock to the sunshine and the Magaluf nightlife. Read our ultimate guide to the best hotels in Magaluf.

Image of Girls on Magaluf Beach

Magaluf VIP Wristbands. Are They Worth It?

Posted: 21st February 2017 by Rachel Taylor.

Are Magaluf Resort Wristbands Worth It? Our Guide Shows You How They Work, How Much Money They Can Save You And Which Is The Best Wristband Out There.

Image of Magaluf Reps

How Much Money To Bring To Magaluf

Posted: 9th February 2017 by Tim Blake.

Magaluf 2017 is almost here! You've booked your flight, paid for the hotel, bought twenty identical bikinis and with the holiday in touching distance... it's official... you're skint! Read our guide to getting the most out of your spending money in Magaluf.

BCM Party
BCM Magaluf

BCM Planet Dance is the largest and most prestigious night club in Magaluf, and it also tends to be the craziest. It spares no expense in giving patrons the pinnacle of partying euphoria, and it is a frequent hotspot for well-known celebrities and world-famous DJs.

Fullmoon Party
Full Moon Party Magaluf

Having a party at the full moon is a tradition that originated in Thailand in 1985, and it has only grown in scope and world-wide popularity since then. A club built on the beach in Magaluf has recently adopted the tradition. Find Our More by clicking below

magaluf Bar Crawl
Bar Crawl Magaluf

Magaluf, located on the Spanish island of Mallorca, is a party Mecca. Especially after 2014’s crackdown on some of the sleazier and illicit venues in the area, Magaluf is the perfect place for action-seeking Europeans to party hard during the holiday season.

magaluf 2016
Magaluf 2016

2016 is going to be a great year for Magaluf events. Especially now that recent laws have removed the seedy and often dangerous underbelly from Magaluf’s nightlife scene, partying in the island city is going to become more enjoyable than ever before.

magaluf Bars and Clubs
Magaluf bar and clubs

Magaluf’s hundreds of spectacular bars and clubs provide endless opportunities for losing one’s self in the party. There are so many great party pads in Magaluf, in fact, that it can be daunting to choose one, or even a few, to serve as your home base.

magaluf Wristbands Discount
Magaluf Discount Wristbands

Magaluf is undoubtedly one of the premier party resorts in the world. For students and other partiers on a budget, however, paying full price for the full Magaluf experience can be too expensive. So that you can enjoy Magaluf to its fullest without breaking the bank, Magaluf Events...

magaluf Boat Party
Magaluf Boat Party

Over the years, the Magaluf Boat Party has become legendary. It was voted best boat party in the world in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, and it is all ready to take that award home again this year.

magaluf Drinks Discount
Magaluf Discount Drinks

When you look at the prices of drinks at Magaluf bars, a holiday full of drinking and partying may seem quite pricey. When you learn about the many discount drink options available, however, the resort begins to seem a lot more affordable.

magaluf Bar Crawl
Magaluf Bar Crawl

Magaluf is a party paradise that caters mainly to British, Irish, and other European students, and its many bars and clubs are constantly ready for action. Bar crawls are a very popular way to experience the best of the Magaluf nightlife. Reasons to Go On a Magaluf Bar Crawl...

magaluf Drinking Games
Magaluf Drinking Games

You have likely played a drinking game with others at some point in your life, so we don’t have to tell you that they are a blast. They are, as a rule, quite simplistic, but the social structure they add to a drinking session is a fun change of pace...

magaluf Full Moon Party
Magaluf Full Moon Party

No expense is spared into lending as much diversity as possible to Magaluf’s wild parties, but one stands out among the rest as a unique party experience you will not find anywhere else: the Magaluf Full Moon Party.

Magaluf VIP Guide 2016
Magaluf VIP Guide 2016

Last summer, Magaluf Events’ VIP wristbands, called Magalife 2014 bands, were a sensation among Magaluf vacationers and on online Magaluf forums because of the exclusive treatment and fantastic deals they secured for...

magaluf Pool Party
Magaluf Pool Party

Magaluf is one of the greatest party resorts in the world, and at night it is absolutely packed with bright lights, pumping music, and fun-loving people. What about during the day, though? Of course, Magaluf has plenty of...

magaluf Wristbands
Magaluf Wristband

For years, Magaluf has been offering holiday makers the opportunity to purchase Magaluf wristbands that allow the wearers to enjoy their Magaluf vacations to the fullest for affordable prices. This year, the wristbands being offered...

Sunset Booze Cruise Magaluf
Sunset Booze Cruise Magaluf

Sunset Booze Cruise Magaluf is arguably the resort’s most talked-about event. It is extremely prestigious and offers hours of partying, complete with free bars, both out on the waters of the Mediterranean and in BCM Planet Dance...

Things To Do in Magaluf
Things to Do in Magaluf

There is almost no end to the number of things to do in Magaluf. It is one of the top party destinations in the world, and it would hard to have a boring day out if you tried. Even besides the hundreds of amazing bars and clubs, though...

Bar Crawl Magaluf
What You Get With the Rolling Stoned BCM Bar

Welcome to the hottest and most all-inclusive party on the streets of Magaluf. The Rolling Stoned BCM bar crawl will serve as a way to get you comfortable with the layout of Magaluf’s main strip, get wild with new people...